Sunday, May 5, 2013

Embry: 30 Weeks

Family Visitors

Jacob's side of the family visited this weekend and we had an awesome time, minus Embry's sleeping... Is it just my child that has a miraculous sense of hearing? Granted her crib is against the wall that is shared with the guest room, but now the past three nights E-Pa has been here and BOTH nights with guests in town this weekend, she's woken up throughout the night. Friday night it wasn't 10 minutes after Uncle Adam and Aunt Sam arrived that she was up screaming...for TWO hours. Then Saturday night we all went to a dinner party and I came home early with Embry. Within minutes of everyone arriving home she was up, screaming. I also think having a pier and beam house with hardwood and tile floors adds to the mess. Hoping that when Mimi visits this week we can break the streak of bad nights when guests are here!

Anyway, Uncle Adam and Aunt Sam arrived late Friday night and got up to play with Embry Saturday morning. The rest of the family arrived Saturday afternoon and we had an awesome time catching up and mainly enjoying our sweet girl. 

Saturday evening we went to a dinner party of a family friend that Jacob's family has known for almost 30 years. Embry and I made a quick appearance before coming home to going to bed after a rough night before. 

Sunday morning we went out to a very yummy early Mother's Day brunch before sending all the family off. It was a great weekend and as I've said before, Embry is SO lucky to have so much family to love on her! 

Showing off her non-crawling skills =)

Embry and Aunt Sam about to go for a stroll

I think she looks just like her Aunt Tomi here!

Loving Auntie Sam (She especially loved Sam's braces too! Hehe!)

Very into petting Athena

Embry loving her Kiki!

Embry and her "Aunt" Linda 

Low quality pic, but part of the gang!

E and Uncle Luke

Our family! Yup, E showed up to a party in her jammies ;)

The "Kids" =)

I just adore her blue eyes in these next few photos! Flying baby!

Had to capture the drool! Hah

Having fun with Uncle Luke

Embry and Uncle Adam

Our little Texas girl 

Embry's cute bib from the Runds 

Sign Language

After I posted last Sunday we captured Embry signing "Daddy" on video twice! Throughout the week we captured more photos of the genius child, I mean of her! ;)

A Night Out

Nope, still didn't leave Embry =) We may never leave her. We actually told her this week that she will live with Mommy and Daddy forever and ever! (Jacob's already plotting). We were invited to a reception at Prestonwood Country Club for the Dallas County Commissioner. He is actually the person that "swore in" Jacob when he officially became an attorney. 

Embry got all dolled up for the occasion and it was nice to do the same myself! =) At one point a photographer had us stand with the Commissioner and took a photo and announced "Mike's youngest supporter". Jacob and I were the youngest ones there by a decade (or three), so Embry was quite a hit. When someone was being announced at one point she squealed in delight. That got quite the laugh. 

They were very accommodating and got E a highchair 

Have I mentioned her obsession with Jacob's ties? 

Library Story Time/Music Class

This Wednesday Embry and I were able to attend our library's free story time. It's at 10:30 am and typically Embry is napping, but she was up early and napped a little earlier than normal. There's a new library less than a mile from our house with an awesome auditorium where they hold baby music classes and story time. Woo Hoo! 

The music class is for babies under 24 months and it's a 10:00 am, so when she woke up we raced up to the library only to find out the teacher is out on maternity leave. BUT the librarian who was going to do the story time at 10:30 am asked if we'd stay and if she could practice that day's story reading and songs with Embry. Uh, yeah! So Embry got a good 20 minutes of one on one time with the librarian. Then class started and I set Embry up with the big kids to see how long she'd last. Well she lasted the whole half hour! These pictures may be some of my favorites ever. 

What book are we reading today lady?

"Uh boys, pay attention!"

She kept "flirting" with a nanny who was there with a little boy...the nanny asked after class if she could take her home with her! 

I had to get a whole group my little 7 month old with the big kids. 

Baby's Got A Brand New...Ride

I had been keeping my eyes out for this car at thrift and resale shops and websites. Friday morning I saw one posted for $15 in North Dallas and jumped on it and after morning nap we raced up to get it. At $50 new, I'd say we got a great deal. Here are way too many pictures of her in her new car! Love the first one where she's "showing off", patting the hood! 


And our usual photo dump for the week!

Fun with Daddy

FaceTime with Mimi and Papa

Jacob bought about 3 gallons of bubbles MONTHS ago. He's been so excited for the day Embry started to like bubbles! Such a good Daddy! 
One day she played alone with this basket/toys for 40 minutes! Hooray!

My two cuties

My decorative towel that hangs from our oven disappeared Thursday evening... IN someone's mouth...

Black beans and Cheerios! Yummy

Um your Amber Teething necklace is not to chew on Embry!!!

Mommy's little helper ;)

My girlies

Jacob's "smiley" eyes

Lunch with Daddy! (Puff in her mouth)

Always something blurry, in motion!! 

Haha, like I said above...

And again!

Prettiest girl 


And videos =)

Being silly during dinner....

So busy playing alone...

Here's a video of her seriously acting deleriously tired! This may have been the night she was in bed a few montues before 6:00 pm! Yup, she went down at 5:50 one night and slept til 6:30 the next morning. 

Embry discovering leftovers in her bib

Happy feet on a walk

Giggling at Mommy's kisses

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