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Embry: 32 Weeks

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Mother's Day Continued...

I think I left off on Mother's Day that Jacob cooked me an awesome breakfast, along with cupcakes, cards, flowers, a balloon, and a spa gift card. I forgot to mention the tiara he purchased for me and insisted I wear that day! Hah! We headed to a new church in North Dallas. We are not quite sure it's the one for us; we may try it again along with trying out a few others closer to home. 

The rest of the day we rented Silver Linings Playbook and watched it during Embry's afternoon nap. We took a stroll around our neighborhood. We went out to a yummy dinner and grabbed fro-yo to top it off. Relaxed in the back yard and called it a day. What a wonderful first Mother's Day!

Dinner with the fam

"Can't I have froyo"

Hamming it up outside while we ate our froyo

Dinner time for Embry

First Fever

Monday evening when my dad was here Embry wasn't quite her happy little camper self. Well she was, but she hit a wall and turned awfully fussy, awfully fast. She wasn't into dinner Monday evening and just didn't seem to happy. She slept great Monday night despite Papa being in the guest room. 

Tuesday morning was more of the same. She was happy, until she wasn't, then she just wasn't having it! Right before Jacob left for work and I laid Embry down I asked him if he thought she felt warm. He wasn't really sure. During nap my dad headed home and when Embry got up I could tell she was feverish. I took her temperature and it was 100.7, poor girl! So pitiful! I called the pediatrician just to make sure they wanted me to treat the fever (not let it run it's course) and sure enough they did. We did Motrin around the clock that day and she definitely perked up. By the afternoon she seemed almost back to normal, which is great because that's when Aunt Tomi arrived!! 

She woke up Wednesday morning fever free and seemed fairly normal, maybe a little on the fussy side that day. The saga continued over Thursday night when she was up for hours in the night crying. She woke up Friday morning with a rash all over her body. I called the pediatrician and the nurse said it was probably Roseola, a virus that is basically a rash a few days after your baby has a fever. They said to call back Saturday morning (so nice they're open Saturdays too) if she has another bad night. She didn't, so I think we're in the clear. She seems back to her happy 'ole self. 

Monday afternoon, just not feelin' it!

Kind of pitiful!

Tuesday I had to run to Costco for some essentials before Tomi arrived! Poor baby was pretty puny;  thank goodness for the Ergo carrier!!! Cuddles with Mama!

Rash Friday morning 
Her chunky little thigh Friday afternoon

Her back Friday afternoon

Papa Visits

Like I said above, Monday afternoon my dad arrived in town! He had a business dinner in Dallas that night and got in town a few hours early to spend time with us. He stayed the night so he could see Embry again in the morning. I only snapped a few pictures, but they're awfully cute! 

Reading with Papa

Aunt Tomi Visits

Tomi came and spent most of the week with was AWESOME! Embry loved having "Auntie" around and so did I! We had lots of fun, went shopping, went to story time, went to play group at the park, and most of all just enjoying having her around! The weather was pretty crummy all week, so we didn't get to do much fun stuff outside, but we still have a ball with her! 

Yay! Tomi's here!

Aunt Tomi pushing Emmy

She still loves that darn monkey, Bananas!

Pretty girls

Library time!

This little girl was so concerned about Embry touching her shoes she moved! Haha!

E doing her thang!

For weeks Embry has loved this nanny who brings two little boys. She finally crawled over to her and made herself at home this week.... Haha! As Jacob loves to say- "She is a little social being!"

Her new bonnet!

Aunt Tomi feeding E!

A new discovery- Sonic ice

Just layin back, enjoying a good book...

Pretty girls!

Play group met at a park this week! 

It had stormed all night the night before, so things were a little damp, but nice and cool out!

A playgroup friend singing to Emmy

Trying on her hospital hat.... 

Doesn't quite fit anymore! 

Playing with her computer

I love how she LOVES her Lovey 

Trying on the adorable romper Great Aunt Jamie sent!!!!!!! OMG!

I'll miss you Auntie!!!!!

Hike at White Rock Lake

We live less than a mile and a half from one of Dallas' gems, White Rock Lake. It's a 9 mile around hike and bike lake a few miles from the heart of downtown. A few months ago Jacob discovered a whole side of the lake with essentially wooded areas with hiking trails through. We've been together and he's taken Embry alone. Saturday morning we decided when E got up from her morning nap we'd hit the trails and try out our new hiking backpack. (New to us, $30 at a thrift store, one of my best finds yet!) 

Found a live turtle! So cute!

Following our "fearless" leader, Athena

Cool beaver dam in the middle of the woods. (Last time we were there we ran into a bird watcher who told us there were quite a few beavers in the woods!)

Break halfway through for some photos =)

Ending at the spillway (The dam of the lake)

Very peaceful! 

Embry's First Swim

Well her first swim in our backyard! 

We've always had baby pools for Athena and Saturday afternoon Jacob got it out of the shed and cleaned it up for Embry. I ordered this AWESOME splash pad for our entertainment this summer and it is supposed to arrive Monday! Yay!! But for Saturday I thought we'd sit out in the pool and watch Jacob do yard work! Embry loved all 1.5 inches of water in the pool. 

You missed a spot Dad!

Big as your face Sonic drink! (Empty of course)

Random Weekend Photos

This weekend I had my "big", "good" camera out and made an effort to take pictures on it. I am guilty of always taking iPhone photos since I always have my phone with me and then they're easy to send onto Jake at work and family! From Friday night to Saturday night I snapped 400 pictures on it, and no I didn't take it on our hike either! Hah! 

Here are some pictures from our Friday night and Saturday! 

After bath, waiting for Daddy to get home from work!

She loves this adorable book from The Rund family in Illinois. Has photos of all their family members so she gets to know them. She's been loving it lately! 

She then proceeded to nibble Athena's tail.... haha Theenie is such a good sport!

My girls

Daddy's home! She is obsessed with his ties....all the time!


Shape sorting... We think she's starting to get the concept...

I think I'll just turn it into a drum instead....

And a cup!

Dad, no watching TV! Play with ME!

The battle continues...

Sweet kisses...or licks!

Enjoying at biter biscuit before dinner

Other Random Photos....

Here are a few more pictures from the week that didn't fit anywhere else =)

Fussy Friday afternoon meant lunch and frozen fruit in the sink

Still no crawling, but scooting like crazy!

She now pushes down her bumpers to watch me leave for nap and bedtimes...haha

Lunch Saturday.... calls for a midday bath... 

So used to sink baths by now....

Silly outtake 

Grocery store early in the week

On the way home from Kroger, we stopped at a park where the "big kids" were playing. E was very interested in them! 

I was trying to get an eye lash shot! So pretty!

Hey sister!

Saturday morning swings


One of my favorite videos of all time...Tomi making Embry giggle like crazy! Click here!

More entertainment by Tomi...Embry giggling at dinner... Click here

Embry "army crawling"! Click here and here for two videos!

Embry shakin it at Baby Bounce at the library! Click here

Embry laughing at her stuffed monkey, here

Embry loving the sound of her own here!

Daddy blowing bubbles in the bath! Click here

Embry in her here

Embry in the baby here!

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