Monday, January 21, 2013

Embry: Visit From Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James January 2013

We had a wonderful weekend visit from my parents and brother, also known as Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James! They came Saturday and left earlier today. I'm so happy we got so many good pictures and videos from the weekend. 

While waiting for our guests to arrive Saturday, Embry made a big discovery....her feet! Jacob was cleaning our guest room and I was getting ready with E on our bed. I looked in on her and yelled to Jacob..."A new milestone!!" The funny thing is, she was wearing these socks for the first time and they have bows on the top of them. When I told my mom about it, she told me when I discovered my feet for the first time around the same age, I was in a sleeper with bows on the feet! I guess pretty bows really intrigue us =)

What are these???

Have I had these things all along? So fun!

And they even taste good!

Saturday we spent the day admiring Miss Emmy....

After we went out for burgers and beer we came home to give Miss Priss her bath...

Cuddle bug!

Pretty baby

She LOVES getting changed! Hah!

Talking to Mama

Jacob introduced James to the first ever Nintendo system...NES...

Oh boys...

While Mimi and Embry had some good play time...

Kisses for Mimi

Well hi there Mimi

Looks like she's reaching out for a hug!

I love this! 

She loves putting her hands in our mouths!

Embry really started giggling more this weekend, and seemed to giggle at Mimi quite a bit! Here are two cute videos from Saturday night!

Sunday, Embry dressed in her Vans shoes for the first time! Uncle James got them for her when I was still pregnant! She was quite happy to be looking so stylish!

And then had another full day of playing with E! 

Baby blue eyes

How we spent most of our days...hanging on the floor with Emmy
Papa really had Embry going at one point, making her "nibble" her toes. One of the cutest videos yet!

Love this pic!

Smiley girl!

The girls went on a MUCH anticipated trip to Aldi's! 

Mimi's first trip to Aldi's!

We watched a lot of football and had a nice relaxing evening in. My mom had Embry giggling once again...

Giggly girl!

Dad and a lazy Athena

James and Jake

The girls
We got one more quick picture before the gang left on Monday. 

Uncle Bug!
Such a great weekend! I love that Embry has such awesome grandparents, aunts, and uncles! We're looking forward to a quiet week and then a visit from Kiki and E-Pa (her Grandma and Grandpa Embry's new names) this next weekend!!! =)

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