Sunday, January 13, 2013

Embry: 14 Weeks


We've had a great week this week! As usual, Embry was such a happy girl! 

For 48 hours this week it did not stop raining once in Dallas. Poured all day and night, two days in a row. I didn't have any errands that HAD to be done, so we hibernated indoors. I literally only stepped foot outside to the front porch to check the mail each day. Embry didn't seem to mind, although Athena definitely did! I loved our cozy days inside, but it feels good to be able to go on our daily walk(s) again and get out of the house. 

One of the rainy mornings Embry slept until 9:45 am! The night before she went to sleep at her regular time, a little before 9:00 pm. She got up around 6:00 am to nurse and went back to sleep until almost 10:00 am! Crazy girl! I was worried it'd affect her day and she wouldn't nap as well, but she did great. 

Our walk on Thursday after being couped up for two days!

This week we started Baby Signing Time DVDs with Embry. We know of two families who used these DVDs and their kids were communicating by sign language very early.  I checked them out through the library and tried showing them to Embry. One afternoon after she got up from a nap and ate, I put her in front of the DVD and was just going to let her go a few minutes, until she fussed. Well she was intrigued for 17 minutes! I think it's 30 minutes long, but I got her out right when she started fussing. Since our TV is mounted high, I put her in her highchair at my computer! Too cute!

"Baby Signing Time"
I think she's started noticing Athena, and loving it! Jacob and I had her on the floor one night this week and I was recording it... Then Athena walked by and Embry squealed. It happened again and I realized she was following Athena and loving it! Here's the video...

We've continued with our night time routine with Embry. We love it. And I'm pretty sure she loves it! Bath, breast milk bottle, books/playtime in her room, and bed. Since I get lots of good E time during the day, Jacob takes lead on the night time routine. It's so cute to me to walk in on them reading books together on the floor. I LOVE that she seems to already love books! Also, Jacob is starting to read Spanish board books to her. She loves this ABC Spanish Book. Here's a cute video of it...

Singing ABC's

She loves our night time ritual..hence her kicking legs and squirmy arms!

This week Embry giggled big for the first time. She's done it about 3 other times in the past, but just one giggle. On Thursday I was on the phone (speaker phone) with my mom and had E on my lap. I was making silly faces at her and she started BELLY laughing. It lasted a good 90 seconds. So fun that my mom got to hear. Then Friday night during our night time play time in her room, she started laughing at me again. Of course once we scrammbled for my phone, got it switched to video and started it, we missed the crazy laughing, but managed to still capture some good giggles. 


Embry 'flying'. She loves to kick and squirm!

Embry 'helping' me with laundry! Hah!

A sure fire way to get Embry to smile and squeal is to take her to her changing table. Oh my gosh. She LOVES it so much! Not sure what it is about it, but she loves it!

She's really started to grab and hold things. She seems to like the few stuffed monkeys she has. I think it's the fact they have defined faces. Everything I read says babies LOVE looking at faces.

Emmy in her Jumperoo!
Putting Daddy's Bar Exam Review books to good use...

Sophie the Giraffe! I can already see what all the fuss is about- she loves this!
(Video of her gnawing on Sophie below!)

Getting better in the Bumbo. She was in it for 20 minutes one day this week.

Already starting to put everything in her mouth!

We were packing up her bassinet and she had to have one more go in it!
(Even though she hasn't been in it since she was 4 weeks old!)

Giant baby =)

Saturday Night Fever Disco Baby!

Happy Girl

Our new baby mirror makes tummy time a tad more bearable.
(Although she still pretty much hates it!)

Kisses for Auntie Tomi

Purple girls =)

Morning tummy time

She now manages to get anything and everything in her mouth to gnaw on


My New Job

I have a new job these new employer is Miss Embry Suzanne. 

I'm sure if you're reading this you know that I worked from home Zimmer and traveled 1-2 times a month the past 4.5 years. I was on maternity leave through the end of the 2012. Around Thanksgiving I began working with my new boss (I worked for one boss for 4 years, and in June was moved to another department to a boss I met one time) on my return to work. Because of my blood clot, I was advised by doctors to not fly on a regular basis. My hematologist told me that number of people with a blood clot who get a second blood clot in the first year is 20-25%! Scary stuff. That statistic doesn't include the fact that I have Factor Five Leiden (a disorder that makes me more likely to clot). So flying often was not only something I didn't want to do (leaving behind baby), but something that was not in the cards for my health. 

I proposed a few situations where I work from home, with no travel, and take on more responsibilities or that I go part time and do the parts of my job that I did from home, and again, not travel. I found out the day before our Christmas Vacation that both options were a no go. There used to be three of us that did the job, and one of my coworkers quit a few months ago, so they really needed me to be able to travel not just as much as I was, but even more (50% of the time, versus about 20-30%). 

So, long story short, it was finalized this week that my last day as a Zimmer employee was Friday. A part of me is definitely sad. I did like my job a lot and I liked the people I worked with. My situation was ideal for the time Jacob was in law school; working from home and traveling often. But for a new mom, especially one with health issues now, it just didn't work out.

I am parting ways with my company on a good note. They told me if I ever wanted to come back, they'd be happy to have me. They tried to find a position for me where I could work remotely and something that didn't involve travel, but nothing was available at the time. They are giving me a nice severance package. I don't have much to complain about. 


  1. Cor, thank you for writing this blog! I sooo wish I lived closer to you guys but I am so happy that I feel like I know little Embry through these updates, pics and videos. Haboo and give her (and Theenie) a kiss for me!

    1. Linz! I'm so glad you enjoy it! It's exactly why I do it! I love that our family can feel like they know E a little better =) Miss you!! Haboo!