Monday, January 7, 2013

Embry: 13 Weeks

So Miss E turns 14 weeks today, but here are info, pictures, and videos from her 13th week!

What's New

The biggest thing this week is Embry is really using her hands now. I guess she has "discovered" them. She loves looking at them, clasping them, and coolest of all using them to grab our faces and toys! It's SO cool how over night she learns new things! I love seeing her mind at work.

Another new thing last week was we really have established a night time routine and she's thriving on it. We've started bathing her every night. So each night around 7:30 pm she gets a bath. We've settled into our roles where Jacob gets her ready for and does the majority of the bath. I'm there for moral support =). Afterwards, or around 8:00 pm, she gets her one breast milk bottle of the day. She's consistently eating 7 ounces. She finishes around 8:15 and we go to her room where we have just a lamp on and we play for a little. She's typically super happy during this time. Between 8:45 and 9:00 she "hits the wall" and basically tells us she's ready for bed by getting fussy. The first sign of a fuss, we swaddle her and lay her in bed, where she rarely makes another peep. She's sleeping until 5:00-6:00 am when she wakes for a feeding, then goes right back down until 8:45-9:00 am. It's nice she's getting quite predictable. When she's up in the morning, she's very pleasant, but can only last about 60-90 minutes and goes back down for a long morning nap. 

About a week and a half ago we thought she was maybe ready to be done with the swaddle. She kept breaking out of it at night. I tried one day to have her nap with no swaddle and she is totally NOT ready. She would wake up every ten minutes and was SOOO sleepy. Once I swaddled her she slept for two hours. So to solve her Houdini swaddle skills, we've been using her "Miracle Swaddle Blanket" (that we LOVE and that she couldn't break out of for the longest time), and then swaddle her in an Aden & Anais blanket. Yup, double swaddle, and she's sleeping GREAT. I guess it's nice that she's this age in the winter. (Here are two pictures of her getting up from her morning nap today)

Last week we also set up/got out three of her "big girl" items. The Bumbo, her Jumperoo and her high chair. She's still pretty small for her Jumperoo and bobbles around in it. The Bumbo she lasts about 5 minutes in before she's just leaning to one side. But nonetheless, she's seeming older! 
Big girl in the Bumbo for the first time

Jumperoo, which has since been moved to my office

First time in her high chair

Put her in the high chair while I was cooking, I looked over and she was snoozing!

 We have many nicknames for our little "Emmy", but one that has become more popular is "Mrs. Patches". Why you ask? Her hair! Haha. She is SOOO patchy. Her hair continues to fall out and is quite fuzzy on top, but still pretty thick in the back. But with a nice bald line across the back...

A new weird thing she started last Friday was sucking on her lower lip. It's bizarre and she does it ALL THE TIME. It's like she did it once and it felt cool to her and she won't stop. She's now super drooly on her chin because of it. Here's a video of what I mean...

Lastly, Sunday she rolled from front to back for the first time! (13 weeks, 6 days old). She was doing tummy time, which she still HATES, and was getting so frustrated. She wiggled her arm up and I had a feeling a roll was coming so I let her continue to fuss for a minute. She rolled over and was quite surprised with herself! Hah!

More Pictures

Mommy's Costco Buddy
Loving her Daddy

Getting ready for her 3 mo pics!

She loves to "read"!! LOVES looking at board books.

Playtime after bottle

Grocery store with Mama

Going to see Daddy at work

Having lunch with Daddy at his office. A little "picnic" if you will.

Modeling her adorable vest from some of our neighbors!

Jake and his two little girls =)

Out running errands

Modeling her swimsuit and shades for this summer!

"Oh I can't wait for Mexico"

Had so much fun with Auntie Tomi for the weekend
Big smiles for Tomi
Hmm Am I holding these up?

Night time play time =)
Tummy time, the day she rolled over!
Chatting with my auntie
Mama's kisses

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