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Embry: 16 Weeks and a Visit from Kiki and E-Pa

It seems silly to call Embry 16 weeks old, but it helps me keep track of my posts! Plus, I LOVE the book "Your Baby: Week by Week". It's crazy how on point things are with her development. 


Little Miss has kind of digressed a little in her night time sleep. She was sleeping 11-12 hours at night, waking up once after 8-10 hours. Typically going to bed at 9:00 pm, waking around 4:00-5:00 am to quickly eat and then about 8:30-9:00 am. 

For about the past week-week and a half she's woken up in the 2:00 hour. Most times I get away with giving her the paci. Some nights that doesn't seem to work and I just feed her. Two nights I did the "cry out" method and within 12 minutes she was back asleep. I must preface by saying she doesn't's more of a grunting, fuss. I could not handle hearing her actually cry for more than a few minutes I'm sure. 

After doing some research, it's a common problem called "Four Month Wakefulness". As babies get more social around the 4th month they tend to digress in their night time sleep. I know it's just a phase, but man..I was getting spoiled with getting good, uninterrupted sleep... 

She's also starting to want to go to bed earlier at night, which has been nice. It gives us a few hours in the evenings to enjoy. And now she's waking up a little earlier in the mornings, which is actually nice, so now Jacob can see her before he goes to work at 8:45 am. 

As for naps, we're definitely into a routine. She typically takes a 2-2.5 hour nap in the mornings. Then a 45 min-hour nap in midday and another 2 hour nap in the late afternoon. Sometimes they vary, but I typically get one short nap and two long naps out of her. She's still being swaddled at night and during all naps. 

I do want to document all these changes, milestones...but enough about sleep! Onto the fun stuff! 

Baby Hart

The most fun part of our "work week" was getting to announce Baby Hart! My sister, Ruthie, and her husband, Jon, are expecting Embry's first cousin on my birthday...August 5th! We found out Christmas Eve and have been so excited to announce the big news! 

Here are some "outtakes" from our little dress up session.

Kiki's Birthday

Another big excitment this week was Kiki's (Jacob's mom) birthday! Embry wanted to wish her a happy birthday via photos! The first one we posted on Facebook and the others were some "outtakes". Also, a video we sent!

More pictures

Here are more pictures from the week...

Theenie shirt and puppy slippers

A visit from Auntie Kerri (Next door neighbor)

One of our daily walks... Chowing on Sophie the giraffe

Modeling her souvenir (shirt) from Auntie Ashli =)

Loving Athena

Another walk/gnawing session

Kisses from Theenie...

Modeling her Osh Kosh dress =)

This is what happens after a few hours of a headband on your head....Mrs. Fuzzy

One day it was warm enough to sit in her big girl stroller =)

And she was pretty happy about it!

Books with Daddy after work

She wore her heart sweater in honor of Baby Hart being announced Friday!

Sweet little bloomers


The cutest video by far from this week is a little giggle session with Daddy after dinner one night. 

This was too funny...she's had this toy for a few weeks now, but for some reason this night in the high chair it kind of shocked her. 

Visit From Kiki and E-Pa

We had an awesome weekend visit from Jacob's parents. 

Saturday the guys played tennis and ran a few errands while us girls enjoyed hanging together at home. That night we went out to a nice dinner and came home and gave Miss E her bath. 

It's always awesome to have "E-Pa" around as he's super handy and always fixes a few things while he stays. He did three little projects for us and we're much appreciative =)

We spent the whole weekend desperately pulling out all of our tricks trying to get Embry to giggle. Finally Sunday morning right before she went down to her morning nap, Mark got her to giggle!! It was so short lived that we missed it on camera =( but none the less, they got to hear her give a little giggle! Pretty cute!

I can't say it enough...Embry is so lucky to have so many family members that just adore her. 

We surprised Kiki with homemade birthday cupcakes

Embry and her namesake =)

"Flying" with Daddy

Haha not so sure about the quick movements... 

Smiles for Kiki

Out to dinner =)

After bath Jacob faced her to my baby picture and she started babbling at it...too cute!

Morning entertainment

Happy to be the center of attention!

Finally at the end of the weekend she gave a little giggle!

E-Pa and Emmy

Game Day

Today is a big game day for Daddy's favorite team...the Celtics. 

My toes are way more fun than smiling at Mama

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