Saturday, January 19, 2013

Embry: 15 Weeks

Embry's 15th week was another good one! 

We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James for the weekend! 

Since not much new has happened, thought I'd just let the pictures and videos do the talking for the week =)


Happy girl on  walk! It was in the 30's here...brrrr!!!

Gnawing on Sophie the Giraffe

She looks so sleepy here, but so old!

It's getting hard to get pictures without her hands in her mouth!


This girl already loves to talk =)

Perfect outfit for our snow day! Leggings and booties =)

My happy baby

Love this onesie! Old Navy baby stuff is so cute! (And cheap!)

E is SOO into Athena these days. 

This week was Great Papa Fanning's Birthday! 

I went and got Embry's passport photo taken at Costco this week...
turns out no headbands or hats allowed! Boo! So we have to go back and get another one done!

Baby in motion! I laid her down with her feet where her socks were.
She kicked off her socks and turned 180 degrees! 

Pulling a Michael Jordan with her tongue out!

Nighttime book time on her floor!

Naked baby about to take a bath!

Still loves her play mat! Especially now that she grabs the toys!

More hand chewing!

Grocery shopping in the Baby Bjorn =)

She almost made it the whole trip awake. She fell asleep at checkout!

This is one of her last 0-3 mo outfits! I love it! I call her my little jail bird when she wears it!

Last night Jake had her standing and I had to run to snap a pic...
I think she looks SOOO old here!

Big girl!


I have a few more videos, but I just haven't put them on YouTube yet! This one I took during her bedtime book time... She LOVES to kick around. I had just changed her diaper but hadn't put her PJs back on. Thought it was so cute to see her little legs go crazy with Jake reading! 

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