Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Embry: Three Weeks

What's New With Embry

Happy three weeks to Embry! This past week has been awesome; we had a fun weekend of visitors and Embry has started a great night time routine.

As of my post last week, Jacob was giving her a night time bottle and then she was waking up two more times in the night (around 2:00 am and 5:00 am) and then getting up around 8:00 am. Starting last Friday Embry has started sleeping until 4:00 am. She's up for about 30 minutes to eat, then goes back to sleep until around 7:30-8:30 am. Since I go to bed between 10:00-11:00 pm and Jacob does one last night time feeding, I'm getting a chunk of 5 hours of sleep then 3 hours of sleep. Not bad for three weeks old Embry =). Maybe a benefit of her being a big girl! Loving it!

A few things I want to remember about Embry at this age:
*She nurses like a champ! (Every 3-4.5 hours during the day)
*She sleeps in the bassinet in our room at night still
*She "talks" or "sings" a ton in her sleep and while nursing. She's very vocal, always making little noises.
*She no longer fits into her NB sleepers. She still has a few NB gowns that fit her, but is in 0-3 month clothes
*She is in size 1 diapers
*Everyday she is awake a little bit more than the day before. She definitely doesn't sleep ALL day long anymore!
*She has started really liking being laid down by herself to kick around. We got our her little "baby gym mat" and she will stay awake and kick around under it for an hour straight!
*She is eating 6 oz (!!!) of breastmilk during her night bottle Jacob feeds her!

I am so in love with this cheeky smile!

Post bath wispy hair

Hanging with big sister Theenie

Our first lunch date with Daddy! Slept through the whole thing!

Love her monogrammed clothing!

Naked jay bird!

Hanging with mom and dad in bed!


She looks so long in her boppy!

4:00 am pic
Staring at the giraffe for a good 30 minutes

Weekend Visitors

We had a great weekend full of family. My family arrived on Friday night and everyone but my mom hadn't seen Embry since being in the hospital. It was fun to show her off and see everyone's reaction on how she has changed.

Saturday morning Embry got to meet her Great Grandma Gordon and her Great Aunt Mary Jo. It was so fun to get to introduce her to them. Embry can't wait for more Great Grandma cuddles at Thanksgiving.

We spent Saturday afternoon with my family out to lunch and at the Dallas Arboretum. We got some great pictures (below). We spent the rest of the weekend at our house just hanging out and Embry getting no attention at all.... hah!

Ruthie and Jon stayed in Dallas through today! It was awesome to have Ruthie around these past two days to help with things and play with E! Ruthie and I took her to Costco for her first big trip there! We definitely had Ruthie's camera and were documenting the whole thing. Ruthie also took some awesome photos of Embry today in the backyard. Can't wait to share late this week or next week when I get a cd of them!

We have a few days with our little family and are looking forward to Embry's other grandparents coming up this weekend!

Loved being in the arms of her great grandma

Great Aunt Mary Jo and Great Grandma Shirley

Embry's first patio lunch at Good To Go Taco!

Hanging with Daddy at the Arboretum

Chick magnet. In the 2 minutes they sat on this bench with
Embry I saw at least three groups of women come talk to them about her!
Family photo in the Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum

Papa, Mimi and Embry in front of a Chihuly exhibit

Auntie Tomi

Uncle James

Chub chub! Cooling off after a warm afternoon at the Arboretum.

With Papa after a diaper change

Modeling her I Love My Auntie onesie

Cuddles with Uncle James

Nap after a long day outside!

More Uncle James cuddles

Ruthie got to experience Embry's first trip to Costco!

Uncle Jon

Hanging with Aunt Ruthie

Hematologist Appointment

Today I had an appointment with my hematologist.

Everything went well and I will continue to stay on twice daily injections of Lovanox to thin my blood until December 18. Four weeks ago from last night I was admitted to the hospital and was put on blood thinners (Heparin drip). So I've been on blood thinners for one month so far and he wants a total of three months. We talked about the other option of me going on Coumadin, a pill form of blood thinners...BUT with Coumadin I'd have to go to his office at the hospital once a week for blood draws and medicine adjustments. Not so fun with a newborn and it getting cold out and it being flu season. Although the injections are a big pain (literally!) I'd rather get a shot twice a day then lug the baby to the hospital every week for the next two months. He also adjusted my dosage of Lovanox down since I've now lost 40 pounds. I won't go back to see him until December 18, unless I keep loosing significant amounts of weight and need another dosage adjustment.

Hanging with Aunt Ruthie in the waiting room!

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