Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Embry: Our Two Week Check Ups

This week Embry and I each had a two week check up at our respective doctors.

Cori's Two Week Check Up

Monday we went to my OBGYN for my two week incision check. Ironically, Monday was my original due date. Also, we got to see my doctor for the first time since she was on vacation when I gave birth. It has been so fun to go back the past two weeks to see all of the people at the office. I actually got really close with the other four doctors in the group during my 12 days in the hospital. They all make rounds twice a day and so I got to know them really well, especially when I was on the high risk maternity floor for seven days. I am truly thankful for my group of doctors; I love them ALL and look forward to my visits with them.

My doctor said my incision looks good. And more good news, I gained exactly 40 pounds during my pregnancy and am down 37.5 pounds since October 1, which is crazy since I know I still feel like there's a lot more to go! Maybe I have the breastfeeding to thank! My doctor spent some time going over future birth control options with me since now with having a blood clot and having Factor V Leiden (blood clot disorder) I can no longer be on any form of birth control with estrogen. I will most likely do an IUD in a few months. (Probably not at my six week check up since the uterus might not be contracted all the way back down by then). We also talked about future pregnancies and how I'll have to go back on blood thinners during them. I will do scheduled c-sections again so that they'll have time to take me off of the blood thinners 12-24 hours before surgery and then put me back on them after.

I don't go back for another four weeks now and am kind of sad about it! I mean for the past 9 months I've been seeing them quite often. At the end of the pregnancy it was weekly and then for the last two weeks I was seeing them multiple times a day (and living in the hospital-hah).

On our way to Mom's doctor!

Dr. Remedios

Embry's Two Week Check Up

Embry's two week check up went really well. Last week she was down to 9 lb even. Tuesday she weighed in at 9 lb 13.5 oz. (So 1.5 oz up from her birth weight). She measured 22 inches long. (Birth was 21 inches). And her head circumference was 38.4 cm. All three measurements put her in the 97th percentile. (It's great news that her head measures in line with her height and weight).

Her pediatrician had not yet received her MRI results from the pediatric neurosurgeon, but was happy to hear Embry didn't need to have a shunt. As for the cerebral atrophy, her pediatrician says that we'll watch Embry's milestones over the next few months, years, etc. and take things from there. She also said that we're in great hands with the group of pediatric neurosurgeons which was nice to hear.

Other excitement during the appointment, she totally peed everywhere when I changed her on the exam table. I'm talking a ton of pee too. We made quite a mess. She also had to get a bunch of blood taken from her heel which was so sad. When she got pricked she did a very, very sad cry which was hard to watch. Luckily it lasted a few seconds only. Even though she had eaten not to long before she immediately nursed for a good 30 minutes; not sure if she was actually hungry or just wanted to be comforted. Poor girl! We go back in early December for her two month check up.

Getting ready to go to the pediatrician!

Quick stop at Target on the way home from the doctor

Other News

In other news, today Jacob's mom, Kathleen, left today and so we're alone for the first time since bringing her home! Wish us luck! We've really enjoyed the help from both of our moms!
My family comes in this weekend and we're very excited! My dad and siblings haven't seen Embry since being in the hospital!

Breastfeeding is going great. We finally really have the hang of things. It was rough the first few days of being home, I think because she was fed formula in bottles in the NICU for four days. But it's finally now easy and enjoyable!

I've been pumping some during the day and Jacob gives Embry her last late night feeding in a bottle. So she's been nursing around 8-9pm and then I go to bed after (around 9 or 10). Jacob has been staying up to do the next feeding with her, so that I sleep until her 2-3am feeding. It's been awesome! I love the sleep and I know he loves being up with her alone for a few hours and feeding her.

I am still doing twice daily shots of blood thinners. Well, Jacob does them to me luckily! We will continue these through the end of the year and then I should be off of blood thinners until my next pregnancy. I go next Tuesday to go meet with my hematologist. I think I'll get some blood work done to make sure I am coagulating (thinning of the blood) correctly on these shots. Luckily Ruthie will still be in town to help me with Embry during the appointment!

More Pictures

Cheering on the Cowboys with Dad on Sunday

Good dreams!

Loving our Moby wrap

Jacob makes sure to read to Embry (and Athena) each night...pretty cute!

Wide awake

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  1. Regular checkups are also a must after giving birth. Of course, your OBGYN had to make sure that everything like your incision was healing up. Like you, I also grew closer to my OB and her staff. I;m thankful for taking care of me during those nine hard months of pregnancy. Don't worry, you'll get to see them once again in the future if ever you'll have another baby. :)