Sunday, October 7, 2012

Embry: She's Home!

Hi All!

Another quick update!

Came home to the plate decorated by Daddy =)

We last updated on Wednesday where we weren't sure if we were going to bring Embry home. A lot has happened since then!

Thursday midday we met with the NICU doctor and let him know that I was being discharged on Friday. He said we'd get the sonogram done on Embry Friday morning and let the Pediatric Neurosurgeon make his decsion on her release then. Our last night in the hospital, after much begging, we were allowed to take her to our room. She was released from NICU and moved to the plain old Newborn Nursery! We opted to room in with her the whole time. It was great to have her so close by instead of having to deal with getting in and out of a wheelchair and taking a trek across the hospital to the NICU to go see her.

Friday morning Embry (and Jacob) went off to her sonogram and we waited and waited for results. About 1:00 pm the NICU doctor, Dr. Randel, came to talk to us. Her head circumfrence was the same (great that it's not growing) and the ultrasound showed no change in the fluid on her we were allowed to take her home! The Pediatric Neurosurgeon wants to see us in the office this upcoming week. We still don't have an appointment, but will make one Monday morning. We still don't know what's in store for Embry. It's still likely tht she'll need surgery for a shunt to drain the fluid that is currently there. We just don't know. We're very anxious for her appointment, to say the least. On Tuesday, we see her regular ol'  pediatrician and, early in the week, I'll go to my OBGYN to have my staples removed.

On Friday, we left the hospital around 3:00 pm. It was the first time in 12 days I had been out of Presby Hospital! Felt great! It was awesome to see Athena and get to watch them meet. Here are two videos of Athena and Embry meeting.

The past two days have been great having her home with us. We've been so lucky to have my mom here with us since Friday to help. She'll be here until midweek, when Jacob's mom comes. We also had Jacob's brother Luke in this weekend, so it's been quite a full house.

Before I run, I'll share a few pictures of leaving the hospital and being home. I only have about 200 new pictures on my phone from the past few days, but will just post a few from our real camera.

Dressed and ready to come home!

The outfit I wore home from the
hospital in 1986 AND my dad wore
home from the hospital in 1963.

We're ready!

All packed up!

First full day home (Saturday) with all of our
flowers we got in the hospital.

Sweet girl in pink flowers

Cuddles with mom

How we spend our time...taking pictures of Embry! =)

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  1. Loved this Cori. So happy for y'all and she is absolutely beautiful! Athena seems like she wants to nurture her already :) <3 congrats