Thursday, November 1, 2012

Embry: Four Weeks and Halloween

What's New With Embry

Not much is new this week with Embry, so I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Also, today Embry turns one month old! I plan on doing a separate post for each "month birthday". I may have it up later today or maybe tomorrow!

Our awesome neighbor, Kerri, who we ALL adore!! (Especially Athena!)

Swaddle sleep sack...aka baby straight jacket!
Cute kitty outfit

No more pictures, Mom!

Embry in jeggings, doesn't get much cuter!

Peaceful in pink!

One of her many Halloween outfits

Playing in her crib

Cuddles with Athena
Completely kicked out of her swaddle during nap!


Our Weekend

We are so lucky to have such awesome parents and family who want to come see Embry and help us out! This past weekend the Embry's came and we had a great time. They got lots of good Embry time, but also were of such help to us. They treated us to two great dinners and Mark did some chores around the house for us. Before Embry was born I realized our house had NO smoke detectors. It was on my "Things to do before baby arrives" list that never got done and I've been panicked about it since. He installed six for us. Also, it just so happened that our kitchen faucet BROKE Saturday. He and Jacob went to Home Depot to get us a new one and Mark installed it for us. Thank goodness it broke when he was in town!

Before going on a walk with Grandma!

Chatting with Grandma

Cozy Saturday night with her grandparents

Cuddles with her namesake =)

One last photo before they left town


We had a good Halloween. I took Embry and Athena, the two wicked witches, in the backyard for a little photo shoot and I got some cute ones! We spent the evening at a neighborhood block party with tons of other parents and kids. So fun!

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