Sunday, October 14, 2012

Embry's First Week Home


We've now been home a little over a week. I thought I'd share a few pictures and videos from her first week home. It's been a crazy week getting used to having her here, but we've had some great help! (Thanks Mom and Kathleen!) Jacob also started his new job Monday, which of course adds to the craziness of getting into a new routine.

This week we have her two week pediatrician appointment and I go back to the OBGYN for an incision check. I cannot believe tomorrow is her two week birthday, and my original due date! Crazy!

Dad multitasking

The two sisters

Athena, never too far from Embry

First time in the swing (video below)

Talking with Mimi

Jacob's first morning headed to work

Luckily Jacob is able to come home for lunch each day to visit his girls
First pediatrician appointment
One week weight check! (9 lb even)

Headed to Mom's OBGYN to get her staples out!

First bath at home (video below)

Not loving being wet and cold
Middle of the night smirk
Talking with Daddy

First walk with Daddy
Snoozing in my moses basket

First non-doctor outing- the library

Loving the library

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