Wednesday, July 11, 2012

26 Weeks

26 Weeks

This week I am 26 weeks along and feeling great still. This past week has brought some major pregnancy changes (gestational diabetes....), but physically, I'm feeling great! Embry is quite active these days, especially when I lay down to go to bed each night!

I only have two more weeks left in my second trimester, which I've heard called the honeymoon trimester. I have had a glimpse of a few days of lower back pain (mainly days I'm up doing a ton of walking, etc.) I hope the exhaustion from the first trimester doesn't come back! Time sure is flying!

26 w 2 d

Gestational Diabetes

Well things did not go as well as I hoped during my 24 week appointment. A few days after my appointment I got a phone call that I failed the blood glucose test by a mere few points. After stressing about it I found out that multiple people I know had failed the one hour glucose test, but passed the three hour test (my mom included). So I didn't think I had to worry, especially since I failed by just a few points. 

The following Monday I had to go in for the painful three hour blood test. It was pretty bad and I was very dehydrated. Long story short, you aren't even allowed a drop of water to drink, but they had such a hard time finding veins in me that they forced me to hydrate so they could even find a vein. It was bad.

Thursday July 5 I got the dreaded phone call that I again, barely failed the test and needed to go see a diabetic specialist. I begged to get in ASAP and was able to get in late Friday afternoon. 

I really liked the doctor I worked with and he gave me news that I wish he hadn't...he told me that I barely failed two of the four blood draws. I passed the fasting blood test and one hour blood test with "flying colors". So I asked him, so if these were my results for the initial one hour test at my 24 week appointment, I would have passed and never gotten a call back? Yup! Great...Regardless, I now borderline, but none-the-less, have gestational diabetes. 

I now have a lovely blood glucose meter to tote around and get to prick my finger four times a day.

I also am on a "food plan". When I sat down with the gestational diabetes coordinator and went through all of my meals and snacks I told him that this is more than I am used to eating. He told me that it was a food plan not a food diet, it definitely keeps me eating around the clock. It's very odd forcing myself to eat substantial snacks when I am not hungry, but the key is to keep food in the body. I have only been doing this a few days, but it seems like it's going to be fine, just take a lot of planning! On my flight this Sunday for work, I had planned my meals, snacks and blood draws perfectly, but when my flight was 90 minutes delayed, I had to test my blood on the flight. Kinda odd! 

Here are a few pictures of what I get to do four times a day...

My kit of goodies

My finger pricker

Test strips and reader

Testing my blood

I go back this Friday to check in on how my first week has gone. I'm hoping they tell me I've done so great and gotten such great results that I can stop all this pricking stuff! Hah! We shall see. Things could be worse, that's for sure!

Anniversary and Nursery

Today week we celebrate three years of marriage! And my mom is in town to help paint the nursery! I will update on both topics later this week/weekend!

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