Wednesday, July 25, 2012

28 Weeks: Start of the Third Trimester

Doctor's Appointments

This could be the theme of my past two weeks. I've had four doctor visits in the past 11 days.

During the week of July 9 I had some pains in my lower right side while I was working out. Two different days at the gym I had to stop what I was doing and switch to something else because I was having a bad pain. Then that Thursday July 12 I woke up and had been in pain throughout the night, in the same spot. It continued all day Thursday. That night Jacob suggest I call my doctor in the morning, since that weekend I was leaving for Austin for seven days. I called Friday morning and left a message with the nurse. They called me back (when I happened to be out on a 3 mile walk with Athena) and asked me how quickly I could get to the hospital. When I said I live 15 minutes away, but was about a mile away from my house on a walk, I was scolded and told to come in ASAP. Luckily all checked out well and it was said to be 'round ligament pain'. I am glad I went in because the pain continued for about 3 more days and it was a relief knowing all was okay. My doctor kept telling me that I did the right thing by calling and coming in, even though afterwards it felt like overreacting.

That same Friday July 13 was my follow up with the diabetes doctor. He was quite impressed with my numbers and told me that he had to see me back in three weeks, but if my numbers continue to be good, he doesn't want to see me EVER again! =) So far in the week and a half since that appointment, I have not had a single high reading.

Monday night I was home lugging two watering cans outside and stepped down a stair wrong and twisted my ankle. Of course, Jacob is gone for three nights (taking the bar exam) and so I hobbled back inside and was in an incredible amount of pain. I had a bunch to do that night, but crossed my fingers that when I woke up the next morning it'd be fine. I woke up with a very swollen ankle and was still in a ton of pain. I had to work in North Dallas all day on an audit and unfortunately had to be on my feet quite a bit. I finally couldn't take it and went to Urgent Care at 3:00. They took x-rays and all seems fine, just diagnosed as a sprained ankle and told to ice and elevate as much as possible over the next few days.

Today I went to my 28 Week OBGYN appointment. I saw the only male doctor in the group; and I was surprised but I liked him a lot. I measured right at 28 weeks and Embry's heartrate was 140 bpm, he said right on track for a happy baby! He asked to see my logs for my glucose readings and was very impressed. He said I can move to only checking my blood sugar in the morning now (after fasting overnight!). I guess morning is when people's blood sugar spike, so I'm now just supposed to keep track of that. It will be so nice not to have to deal with carrying my monitor around all the time, especially since we go on vacation soon and then I have one last business trip! (I will still follow up with the diabetes team)

28 Week Photo: Start of the Third Trimester

Here is our every-other-week photo! Jacob took it Monday morning before we split ways for the week. I had been gone a whole week and when I came out in my t-shirt and jeans he said- WOW! You're belly has gotten bigger! Hah! We also had to take this really early in the morning, I feel like I look tired and puffy after a nights sleep!

28 W, 0 D

A Week in Austin

Last week I spent the entire week in Austin. I had to go for a week for work at some point in July and thought the week before the Bar Exam would be a great time to let Jacob have the house to himself! It started out with Ruthie (and assistant Tomi) taking an afternoon to take maternity pictures of me! We plan on doing some with Jacob when we are in town for my baby shower in two weeks. Here are a few of my faves!

The week was a busy one with work, but I had a lot of great lunches and dinners with my family, in-laws, and girlfriends!

Friday night I was so excited to be in town for the premier of Ruthie and Jon's episode of House Hunters! I was able to attend the party at their house and had so much fun! I also got to stay the night at their house! We stayed up until almost 3:00 am that night chatting!

Saturday and Sunday I spent with my girlfriends for my friend Erin's Bachelorette Party. I had a great time catching up with the girls and so glad I got to attend since her wedding is October 12 and I won't be able to go! I did get some crazy looks being the pregnant lady at the bar....haha!

The whole gang

Me and the bride-to-be, Erin

I was definitely happy to get home that Sunday after being gone for seven days and seven nights!

Bar Exam

Right now Jacob is in Arlington taking the Bar Exam. Today he will finish day two of the three day test. Things seem to be going well! I can't believe tomorrow night Jacob will be DONE!

Since he's taking the test at the Arlington Convention Center, we took people's advice and booked him a hotel Monday-Thursday a mile away from the test. It's been great for him to have a quiet space to go "home" to each evening, instead of fighting an hour or more of traffic each morning and evening. It's my first time to ever stay in our house alone without him in three years!!! Pretty unbelievable! Athena has been a great companion, but we're excited for him to arrive home tomorrow evening after the test!

Here's a picture of Jacob enjoying a good luck beer from Ruthie and Jon on Sunday night when I returned home! It was the Bar Exam Eve, Eve. Hah! This was him taking the evening 'off'....which still meant going over notes, outlines, etc.

Baby Moon

Saturday we leave for our trip to Key West to celebrate our 'babymoon' and law school and the bar exam being over! I cannot wait to spend five days relaxing by the pool and ocean with my husband! I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures to post from our time there!

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