Wednesday, June 27, 2012

24 Week Appointment

Doctor's Appointment

Today I had my 24 week appointment and more importantly the dreaded blood glucose/gestational diabetes test. I got to my appointment and was give a lovely orange flavored, thick syrupy drink and told to chug it. It actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. But I'm pretty picky about what I drink and I do not like ANY juice, so it was gross, but could have been worse.

Then I met with a new-to-me doctor, who I loved! (My office has a policy where later in your pregnancy you have to see all of the doctors in the practice in case they are on call when you deliver). She looked at my chart and told me my blood pressure is great and weight gain is right on track. She listened to the baby's heart and told me it was in the desired range, at 147 bpm. I didn't have any questions as I've been feeling great lately and she told me that easy, boring pregnancies like mine are her favorite. =)

I had my blood drawn exactly one hour after finishing the orange drink and will get the results in two days.

24 Week Photo

Today I had Jacob take my 'every-other-week photo". It's crazy looking at the past pictures in comparison. I think there's even a big difference from my 20 week picture.

24 weeks, 2 days

Other (Random) News...

*The Bar Exam is now less than one month away! Jacob got his assignment in the mail today from the Board of Law Examiners and he will be taking the Bar Exam in Arlington, TX (about 25 minutes from our house). He had to put in requests for his top 3 cities, so at least he got the DFW area. (There was a chance he'd have to go to Waco or Austin). The test is three full days.

*One month from tomorrow we leave for our "Babymoon" in Key West! I can't wait for five days of relaxation with my husband!

*I am no longer wearing my wedding rings. I bought fakes at Target that look just like my band and engagement ring. I was silly when we got married and got them both sized down to 4.5 so they were super tight since I never take them off. With 100 degree temps and swelling, those had to go!

*I think we've decided on our colors for the nursery! My mom comes to Dallas July 9 to stay with us for a few days and help paint the nursery! I can't wait to share pictures!

*We have been extremely addicted to the show Breaking Bad. First Dexter and now this. Since I watch so much garbage TV and Jacob has such little free time for TV, we love having ashow to watch together, and WE.ARE.OBSESSED! Counting down until Season Five premiers July 15.

*We spent the past weekend in Austin to attend one of James' basketball tournaments. I managed to get two pictures from the weekend.

Me and my not-so-baby brother. So handsome!

My best friends! Emily, Ali and me at Jardin for breakfast!

This is not from this weekend, but I realized the
entire post was pictures of me! Had to throw in
some of Jacob and, of course, Athena!

That's all for now! I'll be back in two weeks with a 26 week picture update and pictures of the painted nursery!

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