Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three Years of Marriage

2012 marks our three year anniversary! How has time flown so quickly? How have we been living in Dallas for three years already?

July 11, 2009

We celebrated our anniversary last Saturday with a full day of quality time. The first part of our day was spent at the Dallas Arboretum, which is an amazing gem in Dallas, that we live less than a mile and half from. We also have a very generous neighbor who has a family pass and lets us use it anytime we want. (Saves us $40 a trip!) 

Right now there is an awesome exhibit going on at the Dallas Arboretum...the Chihuly Exhibit. (Dale Chihuly is a famous artist who does amazing glass sculptures and his exhibit will be in town through November). After seeing it on Good Morning America and all over TV in Dallas, we finally went! It was a hot day, but the Arboretum has so many places to rest and good shade spots, that it was quite pleasant. 

Something that was really fun was to see the dozens and dozens of families with young kids at the Arboretum and envision bringing Embry there! The Arboretum in the Fall is out of this world with thousands (maybe a million) pumpkins! And the tulip festival in the spring is truly amazing! They always have things going on for kids there and there are thousands of great photo op spots I can't wait to take advantage of!

Here are some shots from our time there...

Now if you know Jacob well, you know he has an obsession with trees, plants, etc. He called me over to this tree in the arboretum and told me that he has been thinking a lot about it and he wants to plant a tree for each of our children when they're born! What a cute idea, right? He happened upon this tree, an Empress Tree, and thought it'd be perfect. I told him I loved the look of it, count me in... An Empress for our Embry!

When we got home Jacob screamed my name from across the house. He got home and googled Empress Tree and found out in the Chinese tradition that families plant an Empress Tree when the first daughter in the family is born! What are the odds of that?!?!?! Embry will hopefully have an Empress Tree of her own one day!
After some down time relaxing and getting freshened up at home we were off. We braved Dallas' IKEA (really in Frisco, TX) for some things for Embry's nursery. (The book shelves that are really picture ledges). What more can you say about IKEA on a Saturday? Oh, well and a TWO STORY IKEA that's undergoing a huge renovation scheduled for completion in two weeks. Yes, it was crazy. But we got what we wanted.
We had a fabulous dinner at a hibachi grill. A few months ago, for Kathleen's birthday, we went to a hibachi grill with Jacob's family. It was his first time going to one and we both loved it. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to go back to one. It was a great atmosphere, yummy food and overall entertaining.

Here is a look back at our three anniversaries! (No champagne in this years photo! We'll resume that next year- hah!)

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