Friday, June 23, 2017

Todd: 21 Months Old

21 Month Stats
Weight:  29 ish pounds. Only gained a pound since 18 months. Probably because he rarely stops moving! 
Height: Gosh I've gotten bad about this...he was 34 inches at 18 months. I bet he's grown an inch or so! 
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes:  2T-3T. Just bought him 3 new shirts from Target and so glad I ordered 3T, they fit perfect. 
Shoes: Size 7 (E was only in a size 5 at this age...big boy)
Eating: Still kinda picky when it comes to lunch and dinner. He loves eggs, sausage, and oatmeal for breakfast. Won't eat a PBJ sandwich yet. Boo! He still is obsessed with pouches and loves "milkshakes" like his big sis...Pedia Sure. He loves fruit, cheese, Greek yogurt.
Sleeping: 11.5 hours at night... 7:30pm-7:00am! He's an awesome napper and naps 2-3.5 hours every day! 
Teeth: 16 teeth. He has all except his 2 year molars. 
Words: Man I wrote at 15 months he has 15 words....I've tried to keep a note in my phone with all of his words, but I'm sure it's well over 100-200. He's super chatty. It's so much fun since at this age we were still super concerned about Embry's lack of words and at 22 months had her screened for speech delays. Todd is a little parrot and is starting to put two words together. 
Favorite Toys: He likes to color, loves to do anything outside, loves running, climbing, parks, jumping, swimming, etc! He loves to do anything Embry does, including ponies and dolls. He's super cute putting his baby in its crib. 
Favorite Books: Vroom (a book about trains, cars, trucks, etc.), The Little Engine That Could, Little Blue Truck, any book with animals. 

New Things!

*Super talkative!!!! 
*Loves men- he totally loves his mama but is obsessed with his Daddy, Papa, E-Pa, and any other man around. 
*LOVES bugs, worms, etc. (I just looked at Embry's 21 month post and it says- "does not like bugs at all") haha
*Fearless/really brave... he recently went down a big adult water slide all by himself at a local pool...climbed 3 flights of stairs and went down with no fear. He's crazy.
*He's a climber, but still hasn't tried to get out of the crib....hooray. I've caught him at the top of chain link fences at parks. 
*He's the "class clown" for sure. Knows and tries to be silly.
*He gets out of his sleep sack almost every night, BUT still wants to wear it. I've tried putting him to bed without it and he cried and cried! 
*Loves sweets just like his big sister
*Finished his first full year of Mother's Day Out/"school"...loved his school so much! Excited to start back up in the fall =)
*A happy go lucky little boy that we all just adore!!! 

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