Saturday, June 24, 2017

The House of Higgins: June 24

WHOA! I am MAJORLY behind! I contemplating just not doing an update since this one will be about a thousand pictures BUT I SOOO love having this blog to reference and look back on! Plus, I know we have lots of family who gets to know our kids through this blog! So buckle up for a LONG post with LOTS and LOTS of pictures! 

Embry's Tree

Embry's Swim Lessons

Embry took swim lessons with a lady who does it in her backyard in our neighborhood and she did SO SO great! She learned so much and is officially a swimmer!

Going into day 3 she was scared to open her eyes under water---Miss Carol didn't allow goggles--but she got over her fear and took off swimming!!!

Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden


Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Date Night

Dallas Zoo Safari Nights

The Dallas Zoo hosts free concerts on Saturday nights for 12 weeks in the summer! Since we're members, the whole event is free, so we've been to a bunch of them! Four so far this summer! We go after the kids nap/rest time and stay until around 8pm. 

Embry's End of Year School Performance

Jacob Softball Game

Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden



Dallas Zoo Safari Nights! 

Mother's Day 

Last Day of School and Speech

White Rock Que BBQ Competition

Visit from Lindsay

Ham Orchard

Austin for 12 Days

Memorial Day at the Lake

Embry's First Dentist Appointment

Technically Embry went at age two, but didn't get a real cleaning! She's cavity free and her teeth look great! Phew!

Blase Family Farm Blueberry Picking

Dallas Zoo Safari Night

VBS- Hero Central


Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Zoo Safari Night-Father's Day Weekend

Our Week at the Lake....Cut Short

We were all looking forward to our annual week at the lake house with Ruthie and her kids! We went Sunday afternoon and had a great 3 days...until Wednesday afternoon hit.... The stomach bug. A horrible bug took down 4/5 kids (Todd was the lucky one) so Ruthie and I made a quick decision to leave. I tried to head home and Embry puked in the car about 4 times in the first 20 minutes. I realized I couldn't make it the 4 hours home to Dallas so rerouted and went to my parents house for the night. It was horrible. I haven't cried that much recently.... I hate seeing my kids sick and not being home was awful. Thursday during nap I drove back to Dallas and within an hour of being home Todd was vomiting. It was a horrible 48 hours but we are past it now. I still want to cry thinking how we missed out on the rest of our week, but luckily we had a really fun few days there. There's always next year.


This is a picture of me that I think looks like T man! 


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