Sunday, December 18, 2016

Todd: 15 Months Old

15 Month Stats

Weight:  24.6 pounds Dec 16 at the surgery center before tubes
Height: Will update after his well check! We don't go to well check until January 3!
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 18 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months. 18 month PJs are awfully snug. Don't think we'll make it through winter in his 18 month fleece footies.
Shoes: 5.5 His size 5 Stride Rites are too small, so he may be a 6 now.
Eating: Eats 3 meals a day and a bajillion snacks. We had to get a lock for the pantry because of him. He has an OBSESSION with fruit and veggie pouches. They're his favorite thing in the world. He probably eats 6 a day. And would eat 25 a day if I let him. He's getting a bit picky which is normal for 15 months, but I'm not giving in like I did with Embry. He's gone to bed a few nights with no dinner if he chooses not to eat what I cook. He loves eggs, zoodles with pesto, baked sweet potato fries, turkey dogs, lunch meat, breakfast sausage, greek yogurt, string cheese. He does NOT love milk. I've recently started to offer it to him with a drop or two of chocolate syrup in it and he'll drink a cup. He eats so much yogurt I'm not concerned, but it'd be nice if he'd drink a cup with dinner!
Sleeping: 11.5-12 hours straight through the night (6:30 pm-6/6:30 am) and is dropping his morning nap. I remember this being one of my least favorite transitions with Embry. He took his morning nap once this past week. When he doesn't he'll still nap 2 hours in the afternoon (just like he did when he took a 90 min morning nap). So he's still learning that if he naps only once it needs to be longer than 2 hours! He loves going to bed at 6-6:30 pm still!  
Teeth: 8 teeth. No new teeth since his first birthday, although his first set of molars is coming in. I've noticed signs of teething recently and there are some lumps on his gums. Oh joy!
Words: mama, gaga (for Daddy), dog (which also sounds a lotttt like gaga haha), uh oh, hot
Favorite Toys: Anything Embry is playing with, LOVES to be outside sitting in his car or mowing the lawn, the indoor toddler trampoline, jumping on beds.....
Favorite Books: "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" (looked back on Embry's 15 month blog and this was her favorite book too!), he's obsessed with this Usborn book we got where he moves the animals around. 

New Things!

*Starting to talk a bit! See above words =)
*So, so, so obsessed with Jacob. He's always been, but it seems to be even stronger now. And on that note, he loves really any man. He's been known to walk up to strangers (particularly men) and have them hold him.
*Got ear tubes due to ear infection after ear infection....
*He's SO busy. Just gets into everything
*Loves dancing to music- loves going to E's choir practice each week and rocking out haha
*Throws a ball and loves to shoot baskets in the play room
*Is starting to love things with wheels. He loves little trains and cars and making them move on the ground or his train table
*Steals things from his sister and throws them or runs away....waiting for us to chase him
*On that note....he's gotten a few time outs and they seem to help for a few minutes at least. Hah.
*Can walk down stairs standing up, not holding onto anything. Scares the crap outta me, but he can do it and loves to!
*When he sees Jacob getting his brief case ready in the morning he starts going up to him smacking his lips for a kiss. It's so cute!
*Loves medicine, probably because he's been on an antibiotic for the majority of the past 6 months.
*Loves school! His teachers say he just plays ALL day long! He takes a good 2 hour nap at school too! His teachers seem to really adore him (I think because they have a few that cry and fuss a lot of the time-haha). A few weeks ago he started kissing his teachers often. They love that!
*He's great at using a spoon and fork!
*Adores his big sister. If she's not awake in the morning we have to keep him away from her room because he just wants her awake to play with!
*Has had two haircuts since he turned one! He'll get another one soon! I love his hair cut short like a big boy!
*Had a final 12 months post-surgery check up with the urologist and he's 100% healed from his hydrocele surgery! At 6 months post surgery he still had a tiny bit of fluid on his testicles where the hernias were that the doctor fully expected to go down, and sure enough it did! His scars are barely visible!
*To me and Jacob, he seems so different than we remember Embry. Much more rough and tumble, way less gentle....hah. Doesn't sit still...just such a boy! And we love him so much for it!!!

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