Saturday, December 31, 2016

The House of Higgins: Seven Christmases

Christmas 1: Our Little Family Christmas 

Jacob took off work on Friday December 23 and we decided to have our little family Christmas in Dallas before we headed to Austin. Best decision ever! This was really the first year we bought Embry any presents, so it was fun to get to see her open them at home, just us! We never really got her any gifts the past few years since she gets so much from other people, but to keep things fair, we got Toddy gifts (despite the pictures below, haha he did have a stack of gifts in red and white paper). Embry had a very, very pony Christmas. Toddy mainly got books from us and a pair of Sperry's to match Daddy that he loved. 

Jacob got me a robotic vacuum that I desperately wanted! When he suggested I open my gift Embry announced- "Mommy, it is NOT a vacuum!" and she was soooo proud. Hahaha we DIED laughing. Jacob had told her not to tell me, so we think in her mind she was really throwing me off. 

I got Jacob a bunch of smaller stuff, a canvas for his office, a new shirt he loves, and an Amazon Echo Dot for his office! His new personal assistant ;)

Not a vacuum =)

Christmas 2: Christmas With Grandpa Higgins, Blake, and Kayce 

We headed into Austin the afternoon of the 23rd and went straight to Gatti Land to meet Jacob's Dad and Blake and Kayce! We exchanged gifts with them there and we all got lots of great stuff! Embry's faves are the Play Doh accessories and the Crayon Factory =)

Christmas 3: Christmas Eve Morning With Kiki and E-Pa

We spent the night on December 23 with Mark and Kathleen and woke up and had our Christmas with them! We all four got spoiled! Embry's faves are her new Barbie puppy beach RV and her unicorn clothes and Toddy loves his new bike and shoes! And both kids are loving their Magformers! 

Christmas 4: Christmas with Adam and Luke 

On Christmas Eve day Jacob's brothers Adam and Luke came to his parents house and we exchanged gifts with them. Embry had been wanting this My Little Pony Castle and I actually had planned to let her use gifts cards to buy it after Christmas, but Luke got it for her. She got lots of books from Adam. Toddy got a great basketball hoop we can't wait to set up. We also got to visit with the boys cousin, Randy, and his wife, Amanda, who just moved to Austin from Arizona. 

The Higgins Brothers and Cousin Randy

Randy and Jacob

Christmas 5: Christmas Eve Night With The Gordons

Christmas Eve we always spend with Jacob's Grandma Gordon and the extended Gordon family. Since we just visited Grandma over Thanksgiving, the kids remembered right where her toys were! She spoiled ALL of us, as usual! Embry is obsessed with her unicorn and it's already hanging on her wall. 

Christmas 6: Santa on Christmas Morning 

We spent the night on Christmas Eve at Kiki and E-Pa's house and left out cookies and milk for the jolly old guy ;) We read the night before Christmas before the kids went to bed. Embry sleeps on a cot in our room while we're there and at 5:40 am she was whispering to me across the room asking if it was morning. It was a painful 40 minutes til 6:20 when Todd woke up. It was so much fun to see them on Christmas morning! 

Embry had asked Santa for two things: Pony Surprise and a stuffed bunny. Well, Pony Surprise was sold out almost everywhere and was $30. I got a great Cyber Monday deal on a Puppy Surprise and stressed about whether she'd like it as much. So cute that right away she said- "I wanted this!!!" And she was also so excited for Todd with his dinosaurs! "We don't have much dinosaurs!" We hung out until about 8 am then headed over to my parents house for the day. 

Christmas 7: Christmas Day With the Fannings

We spent Christmas Day with my family. The Harts got there shortly after we did. It is SO much fun to have five little ones around on Christmas morning opening gifts and being excited! We had a nice slow morning and took a few hours opening presents. My parents are taking us all on a trip this summer to Breckenridge, CO! We can't wait! That night we put all the kids to bed and the Harts had planned 7 rounds of Minute to Win It games! It was so fun and I ached from laughing so much! Todd wasn't feeling great that day (he actually had really bad diarrhea, ew....and it may have been a little bug that Embry caught later in the week....), but it was a nice, relaxing day! Other notable gifts...James gave us all Arkansas shirts to tell us he has chosen his college! Woo Pig Sooie! 

Post Christmas Week 

On December 26 we went to Main Event for bowling with the Fanning gang, then Jacob hit the road home to go to work the next day. I stayed with the kids til Friday! Wednesday evening the Harts hosted Embry for a sleepover and both she and Ford were SOOO excited. Unfortunately, Embry woke up with a stomach bug there. Poor thing had puked and not told anyone. (She doesn't get out of bed without us still, so surely she didn't know what to do when puking...literally makes me want to cry thinking about it...sigh). Anyway, she had a fast and furious bug that day, but by Thursday evening was feeling better and by Friday was back to normal! 

Home Sweet Home 

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