Sunday, December 4, 2016

The House of Higgins: December 4

Austin For Thanksgiving

The kids and I went to Austin the Sunday before Thanksgiving to go spend some extra time with family! We were also hoping to be in town for the Harts homecoming with baby Gideon and we were! Woo hoo!

Lunch and visit with Great Grandma Gordon!

Richard and Toddy

Playing at Mimi and Papa's

Embry holding baby Nolan

Crafting cousins

Four of the five Fanning Grands....always in motion!

Playing at Little Land Gym

My kids are very serious about their milkshakes!

Toddy and Lucy....fighting over the same toy

My whole high school gang back together again!

Working hard with Papa

B-ball with Uncle James

Meeting Gideon Aaron Hart!

Ruthie and Gideon got to come home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I was SO relieved to get to be in town when they arrived. They landed at 6:45 pm, which is after Toddy's bedtime, but he was a trooper! It was so emotional watching her come down the escalator...I mean the picture I took of Ford smiling up at his mama makes me tear up even now! So glad I was able to be there and snap some pictures of their homecoming.

Thanksgiving Day

This year we had Thanksgiving with both sets of our parents which was SO nice! I'm so thankful we have parents we love being with and that they enjoy being with each other as well! Also, we were all so thankful to have Ruthie and Gideon back home in Austin!

I just can't get enough of these two lately. They get along SO SO SO SO well! They are just the best of friends right now and I hope it lasts forever!

Bros (in-law)

So thankful for these three! Plus Theenie!

Only in Texas- Thanksgiving in the pool

My dad and father-in-law carving turkeys!

Jacob's parents =)

The Fannings-the lucky 13 ;)

Mimi and Papa and the 5 #fanninggrands

The Hart Five!

Post Thanksgiving in Austin

After Thanksgiving we spent Friday and Saturday with Kiki and E-Pa and celebrated E-Pa's birthday! Friday morning I ran to urgent care and was diagnosed with strep throat- I was in a bunch of pain, but by Saturday after two doses of antibiotics, I felt great. (Poor Ford and Lucy also had strep). Saturday we went to Main Event for lunch, games, and bowling. It's an understatement to say Embry had fun! And it was a lot of work taking a 1 year old....haha. 

Making lemon bars with Kiki

Embry's tree!


Christmas Decorating!

We've made it our tradition to come home the Saturday after Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas that Sunday. We always go get our tree at Home Depot and take the same pictures every year....duh, it's me! Haha. Embry is at SUCH a perfect age for the fun and excitement of all things Christmas!

When your room isn't pink enough ;)

Todd stole Embry's pacifier ornament off the tree haha

What are these things on my feet?

Matilda Jane Photo Shoot, Joanna Gaines Style

Embry got to do a Matilda Jane photo shoot again and this time I was dying to see the clothes since Joanna Gaines created all of the fabrics! When I picked her up from school that day she was coughing and seemed to be dragging from her nap and I told her we could stay home and rest and she refused! She adores all of her "big girl friends" and loves being a part of it. For the first time it happened early enough in the day because of the time changes and on a week day, so I had to take Todd. He loved hanging at the Arboretum running around...wasn't nearly as relaxing for me ;)

Back in the Swing of Things

It's fun to travel for the holidays, but it's always so nice to get back into our routine at home. School twice a week for the kiddos (my sanity), park meet ups with friends, ballet, speech, choir, all the fun of our life right now =)

He's always finding ways to climb onto Embry's bed....oye

Loves practicing her letters

After ballet Embry asked if she could change into "cozy clothes" for her nap/rest time and she came out in this....a crown of 3 bows and her current favorite shirt.

I was taking two friends Christmas card pictures and snapped a few pics of my own kids (of course) in the down time!

Embry and Caroline!

Embry and William!

The Trains at NorthPark

The Trains at NorthPark is super fun train exhibit that comes out each Christmas! It was our third year to go and both kids had a blast! So fun to go with our friends (and MOPS group).

Embry and William in 2014 and 2016

The Chick-fil-A crew!

E and her buddies. LOL I would have loved to know what they were talking about.

I was shocked- as we were leaving the mall Embry wanted to stop and see Santa! The line was we'll go another time!



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