Sunday, January 15, 2017

The House of Higgins: January 15

Happy New Year

We had a quiet NYE and NY day at home. It was actually quite warm and we enjoyed a steak dinner al fresco to kick off 2017!

Dallas Zoo for Caroline's Birthday

January 2 we went to the Dallas Zoo for Caroline's birthday! As always, we had fun at the zoo and the kids were worn out! 

The new baby elephant! It was my first time to see him in person!

The gang for Caroline's birthday!

Caroline got blue cotton candy for her birthday at the zoo! She shared with her besties.

Todd's 15 Month Well Check

We had T's 15 month well check January 3 and he's just growing like a weed! 

Weight: 24.8 pounds (55%)
Height: 32.5 inches (85%)
Head Circumference: 49.4 cm (95%)

He's officially bigger than Embry was at that age for the first time. Embry was 24.2 pounds (70% for girls) and 32.25 inches (95% for girls). He seems so solid to me, I'm shocked he's only in the 55% for weight! The doctor said his ear tubes look great, he's on track developmentally, and he's cute as can be- duh!! He did not like his shots and later in the day cried when he saw his bandaids. hah poor guy! 

Snow Day!

We were supposed to get snow overnight one day...but it didn't happen. The next morning we went to the gym then to a play date at a friends house and as we were leaving it started snowing! The kids had fun with the teeny tiny flakes! I went home and put the kids to bed and it kept snowing the whole time. Eliot came over after nap and Embry and Eliot jumped on the trampoline for a solid hour. We left them outside because we were too cold. Hah. Our little Dallas snow was fun for a day, but then I was over it and of course by the next week we were back into the 70s! 

Caroline's Pirate Birthday Party

Back To School

The kids Mother's Day Out started back up January 9! Hooray! 

Dallas Zoo Again

On one of our spring like January day we met some friends at the zoo and sweat the day away! Crazy! But so nice! 

Oak Highlands Brewery Family Night

A local brewery hosts family night once a month where they have a food truck, play a kids movie, etc. We went for a few hours Friday and the kids had a blast and Jacob enjoyed some craft beer =) It was a really fun night with friends! 


Matching besties! 

When E-Pa stops by while working in Dallas =)

I've started doing some yoga classes at the gym and Embry was really interested in it so we found Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube! She's done a few videos and loved it. 

Todd and Bonnie Boo!

One of my all time favorite pictures of Embry at Stone Table Park when she was 15.5 months old. We were playing at the same park and Todd was loving the same slide so clearly I had to do a side by side!

T loved the spaghetti squash I made this week!

Shoe obsession

Got my first haircut in like 9 months!

New rug for E's room!

Snowing 5 days earlier... park in shorts and a tee and a slushee!

E's old school bestie Corinne!

E and her pretend sister Bonnie!

We scored this FREE GIANT doll house bookshelf! We didn't know it was so huge when I claimed it online haha


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