Saturday, November 19, 2016

The House of Higgins: November 19

Hello! I'm back! For a month long catch up! I'm having issues with our two computers and dumping pictures onto them from my phone...but I  may have figured out a system...for now. 

Halloween "Photo Shoot"

We did this last year a week before Halloween and I loved it! It takes the pressure off getting a good costume pic on the day of Halloween in the midst of all the chaos! Plus, I mean, it's me. I love any excuse for a photo shoot!

Fall Days at the Dallas Arboretum

The Gentle Zoo

I took the kids to this little farm called The Gentle Zoo last spring with friends and the Thursday before Halloween we finally had a free day with nothing and I took the kiddos out there. They had a blast! And we were the only ones there, besides one small daycare class there on a field trip.

Halloween Costume Parade

The Friday before Halloween we went to a local nursing home with our MOPS group and did a Halloween Costume Parade for all of the residents. It was a big success and they seemed to really enjoy it! 

Visit from the MacLanes

The weekend before Halloween my girlfriend Tara and her two kids, Morgan and Mitch, came to stay with us! It was such a fun weekend and our kiddos are each super close in age which made it fun.

Trunk or Treating

Our church had a Trunk-or-Treating event on October 30. It was scorching hot =/  But the kids still had fun. And inside there was a chili contest...the perfect 90 degree food....hahah

Halloween Night

Halloween night we went to the church where the kids go to Mother's Day Out for their carnival from 6-8pm. Our neighbors came along! They had all kinds of free activities and even served a free dinner! We came home, put Todd to bed, and let Embry and Eliot trick-or-treat on the street.

November at the Dallas Arboretum

All of the free kid activities last at the Arboretum through Thanksgiving so we of course were there November 1....decked out in Thanksgiving attire!

Todd's Second Haircut

Matilda Jane Photo Shoot

Embry got to be a part of another Matilda Jane photo shoot and as usual, she had a blast with her "big girl friends".

Thanksgiving Pray and Play Event

Our church hosted a cute Thanksgiving themed 'play and pray' event with Thanksgiving themed crafts, stories, games, and food!

Fannings...and Hart Kids in Dallas

My parents were in Dallas last weekend for James' lacrosse tournament and I can now announce why they had the Hart kids with them...we have a new nephew! Gideon Aaron Hart!!! Ruthie and Jon have been in Las Vegas picking up Gideon, so we got to see lots of Ford and Lucy over the weekend too! Ford even spent the night with us Saturday night! As far as we know, we haven't lost our babysitting privileges yet despite Ford being really into Embry's dress-ups! ;) We definitely need some boy dress-ups in our house! Hah!

Todd loves men and always manages to find random men to hold him....hahah

First real sleepover! We peeked at them on the monitor at 7:30 and they were still. 7:45 I popped in the room and got this picture. Wild and crazy night!

The Gentle Zoo, Again!

We had some friends wanting to go to the Gentle Zoo so we joined them this past week!

They were trying out their "snow" machine for Christmas! It was foam, but the kids thought it was amazing!


The kids are obsessed with our new outdoor kitchen I got for free!

We jumped on the Cubs bandwagon and took advantage of our neighbors who are fans for a photo op!

Pony hair salon

Christmas Card outtake =)

Jacob took both kiddos to the zoo one day so I could do some Christmas Mini Session Photo Shoots

My Little Pony Obsessed

Todd NOT loving the new lock on the pantry

Freshly bathed Toddy got into a bowl of yogurt off the table.........

Embry was playing with these trucks and I asked her what are you making at the construction site?
Her answer- CUPCAKES! Haha

Todd found the two dads at choir and sat with them

And we have a climber

Matching Christmas shirts =)

She partied hard at her school Thanksgiving Party

Little sneak stealing his breakfast off his tray

Locking the pantry for me...her lanky little body kills me

Poor Todder has another ear infection and tubes are scheduled for Dec 16. A few nights recently he's been restless and needed some extra loving.

Embry's "rest time" Saturday...Jacob snoozing, Embry playing pony doll house

Elsa braid for one of her besties Frozen Birthday Parties!


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