Sunday, August 7, 2016

The House of Higgins: #FanningFiesta

#FanningFiesta in Mexico!

We spent six days, five nights in Riviera Maya, Mexico at an All Inclusive with my entire family. Each year since Embry's been born my parents have gifted the whole family a trip for Christmas. It's been SUCH a blessing! Especially since a few years in there we really struggled with tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills with all of our drama we've had these past few years! Not to mention, we all really have so much fun traveling together! I've realized these past few years that not many families enjoy each other like we do. I'm so glad my kids get to grow up traveling with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. 

As for the was awesome! Our resort had so much to do for kids! Multiple pools, an entire kids area with a giant pirate ship with a few slides, a big lazy river, a wave pool, and two giant pools, the beach. There were multiple restaurants and Embry's ice cream cream anytime we wanted. Hah. It's no secret food is a battle with Embry and we decided to just let vacation go with her. We kept saying YOLO, it's vacation. And literally all she ate was donuts for breakfast, cheese pizza for lunch and dinner every single day and endless ice cream. She did have some fruit here and there, but not much else. It was nice to just let it be and not battle for once. Hah. Todder man enjoyed pretty much everything we gave him and especially loved the pasta with red sauce they had on the buffets every day and chicken on the bone. Oh he loved steak the night we went to the steak house too.

The kids really did great, even Toddy who is pretty scheduled. Each day Todd would take a 2+ hour morning nap with one of us in the room while the other went to play with Embry and then each afternoon both kids would nap for 2-3 hours...or more! Even though Todd's in bed BY 6:30 at home, our dinner reservations weren't until 6:30 each night. T really did well! Two of the nights the Harts and us switched off doing a date night at the Hibachi restaurant and the night Jacob and I went we didn't get back til close to 9 and poor Todd was just OVER life. =( But for being kept up hours after his bedtime each night he rallied! Especially our last night when we went to a carousel with a mariachi band on the was hours after bedtime and he had the TIME OF HIS LIFE. 

Embry and Ford are at SUCH great ages with each other and are just BESTIES! The first night Embry got it in her head while we were showering that she and Ford were going on a date for dinner. She wouldn't get out of the shower as she was "getting pretty" for Ford. We were CRACKING up. Luckily I texted Ruthie about Embry's high expectations and Ford was ready for their date and told her how pretty she was. It proceeded to happen each night. A few of the nights they even ate dinner at their own table for two. So cute. Makes me so excited that Lucy and Todd are even closer in age than Embry and Ford and will have the same bond hopefully. 

One of the days, Jacob, my parents, Tomi, James, and the Pazzaglinis went on a deep sea fishing 4 hour excursion and they had fun and caught some fish. Besides that we didn't leave the resort! Overall it was a relaxing (as relaxing as a trip can be with four kids under four), fun, indulgent, perfect trip! We're already looking forward to our Fanning Family trip next year!

The kids on stage at the kids show one night! They got to hit a pinata- highlight of Embry's day!

Walk to breakfast-spotting some of the peacocks that lived on the resort

The Fanning Party of 12

Embry loved drinking her water out of coffee cups each morning

The kids all are obsessed with their Papa (and Mimi too)

We let her pick out one souvenir and she picked a jewelry box

Embry told us many times over the trip "I really love living here" LOL (embrysays on instagram)

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