Friday, July 29, 2016

The House of Higgins: July 29

More Todd Ear Drama...

OYE! So last I left off with Todd's ears was he had a double ear infection that didn't go away with one round of antibiotics (which fell over our anniversary weekend away) and he went on Augmentin. After 12 hours on Augmentin he seemed SO much better. Well about 12 days later, this past weekend while I was gone on a girls weekend, he had a fussy day. I kind of chalked it up to missing me, being thrown off schedule a bit with Daddy in charge (hah). Luckily this past Monday we had his two week ear check and sure enough....DOUBLE ear infection again...or still? I'm convinced it was a new infection since he was himself for two weeks once on Augmentin and only started being fussy just one day before the ear check, but who knows. Since we're off to Mexico and the antibiotics haven't been seeming to work, we went with Rocephin shots (which are known to be painful, poor guy). So he got two shots Monday, and we went back Wednesday for two more shots. Seriously, I need my own parking spot at the pediatrician. Luckily his ears looked significantly better on Wednesday, but we still did the second round of shots since again we'll be out of the country.

After his Rocephin shots Monday

After the shots a few minutes later... =(

Children's Garden at the Arboretum x 2

The past two Tuesdays we've headed to the Dallas Aboretum Children's Garden to this fun water and sand area. The main parts of the Arboretum and even the museum-ish parts of the Children' garden are just too hot to enjoy right now. But there's a nice shady, big play area that the kids seriously love. So we've met friends there on Tuesdays the past few weeks!

Girls Weekend for Mama

One of my besties is getting married in October so I got to attend her bachelorette party in Austin Friday-Sunday! Daddy survived 48 hours, even with a double ear infection for Toddy. I also got a few pics from Jacob and a few from my friends here in Dallas from a birthday party he took the kids to! ;)

Oh My Heart

I've been good about keeping my good camera out lately and just absolutely adore these pics of the kids in front yard one afternoon this week.


Daddy daughter outting to the zoo

National ice cream day!

Jacob and I were laughing that we didn't give Embry anything sweet before a year. Nothing. Not even froyo. And Todd has had full blown ice cream multiple times ;)

Swimming at our neighbors house

This girl loves anything pink, ponies/unicorns, and rainbows.

Had to buy diapers for the first time! Got so many as gifts they lasted us 10.5 months!

Progression of eating a crayon...and getting it taken away haha

We are taking a break from gymnastics in August and September since we have so much going on, so it was Embry's last day this past week! It was perfect timing as her coach is leaving to have a baby! (I know she doesn't look pregnant but she is, hah)

When you're Chick-fil-A ice cream is all gone....
When Daddy comes home from work early and thinks he's actually gonna get work done at home...HAH!

Kiddos helping me pack for MEXICO!



  1. Your kids are so adorable! How do you manage to get so many places and still work around nap schedules?!

    1. Thank you! So my kids are early risers and early to bed. So Todd is up by 6:30 most days. Although this past week was 7... But his morning nap is usually 8:30-9:30/10 am! While he's napping I get myself and Embry ready for the day and get the car loaded and usually lunches packed for wherever we're going that day! I'm always home by 1/1:30 for Todds second nap of the day, since Embry still naps too!