Sunday, August 14, 2016

The House of Higgins: August 14

My 30th Birthday

This is the birthday that never ends! So we got back late on my "birthday eve" from Mexico, so Jacob had to work a full day on my birthday and I had a ton to do! Hah Grocery shopping with both kids, laundry, etc. It also didn't help that I wasn't feeling great. #thisis30. That afternoon I met some friends at Steel City Pops! We laid low that night and watched the Olympics! Saturday I had a MOPS planning meeting all day and then we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday at Cane Rosso! When we pulled up the driveway when we got home....we came into my surprise party! Jacob had been planning it for weeks! Chick-fil-A catered! Cupcakes, drinks, decor, Olympic themed! He even had games and prizes. It was all so great and I was SOOOO shocked! And even more shocked that I was SO clueless! I'm pretty controlling about our house and Type A and had no clue he'd been hiding things around the house for weeks. 

The suprises continued when last night Tomi was in town and she and my friend Lauren had planned a girls night in full of wine, games, cupcakes, ice cream, and lots of girl talk! Turning 30 has been AWESOME!

Last night at my girls night in!

Todder's New Trick

Wednesday while playing outside Todd decided to stand up on his own, from a squatting position! He had never even let go and stood alone while standing at a toy or on furniture or anything. And all the sudden he realized he could and now it's ALL he wants to do. I'm betting it won't be long before he's taking a few steps.

The Dallas Arboretum x 2

Tuesday we met friends at the Children's Garden at the Dallas Arboretum for our favorite little splash pad and sand box area- all in the shade which is amazing! And then Friday we met more friends in the main Arboretum for a picnic lunch and letting the kids running was the hottest day in Dallas in four years. My phone weather app said 108 degrees. It was miserable, but the kids were worn out afterwards.

The "Fab Four"- Caroline, William, Embry, Sophie

The gang VERY busy making birthday cakes with sand.

Embry is SO cute with Todd's new tricks. She gets SOOO excited when he does something new! And she pointed out his new teeth this week that I hadn't noticed had cut through, hahah. They adore each other so much.

Caroline, Embry, and William playing

Toddy and his buds. T (10.5 mo), Madden (3 mo), Wesley (7 wks)


Todder man doesn't like being told no.

I love a good deal ;)

The kids of Rockyglen Drive =)

MOPS Moms Night Out seeing Bad Moms

This week was one of Embry's teachers last days =( We'll miss Ms. Ann so much!

Embry and Eliot asleep during my girls night!

SUCH a great weekend with Aunt Tomi here! Jacob's been gone at a 4 day long bachelor party and Tomi came for the weekend to keep me and the kids company! Much appreciated!


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