Sunday, August 21, 2016

The House of Higgins: August 21

Can't believe our Todder man is 11 months old! His update is here

Sunday at the Park

The Jewel Wall

A few months ago I found an article, the top 6 places to take photos in Dallas and I fell in love with this wall! I was even more thrilled when I found out it was 10 min from our house! Tuesday afternoon the kids woke up from naps and we had no afternoon activity and the lighting was good and I threw 'em in the car and we went over there. I want to get some birthday pictures of Todder Man there, so I wanted to check it out! Embry's doing this painful fake smile these days....hah and she had way more fun "helping me" make Todd smile. Haha. She thinks she's a little Mommy. But I still managed to get a few decent ones of her =)

Water Table Photo Remake

It literally seems like yesterday that Lauren and I were out back with baby Embry and 2 year old Eliot and Eliot climbed up in the water table, thinking it was a pool. I tossed Embry in and took a picture. Every year since we've made them "remake" the photo and I couldn't love it any more. I love these buds! And am extra emotional that Eliot starts kindergarten TOMORROW!

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

With Todder Man!

A Visit from the Gordons

Jacob's cousin, Jeremy, his wife, Jenny, and their two girls, Lux and Kylin, were in Dallas visiting Jenny's brother and we had them over for a morning play date one day! Lux and Embry area 1 year apart, but have fun playing together and we were very excited to meet 5 week old Kylin! Embry especially loved Jeremy and had him playing with her all day.


Ready for school!

T continues to be a rockstar eater and couldn't get enough baked chicken, squash and mushrooms this week.

So proud she makes her own bed now!

E starts ballet this upcoming week and is clearly, very excited!

She was so excited to wear her "daddy" shirt to school and take pictures of him and Uncle Luke to school. They're learning about twins- Jacob and Esau- and she got to show off pics of her daddy and his twin at bible study!

Decorating the wrapping paper on Ford's birthday present

Chick-fil-a with 8 kids

Embry can't eat a greek yogurt popsicle without Todd needing his own these days


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