Thursday, September 1, 2016

The House of Higgins: September 1

Back to the Zoo

We hadn't been to the zoo in forever and went last week with a bunch of friends! We sweat our butts off, but it was a good time, as usual!

Embry Starts Ballet!

Embry loved gymnastics and even with the Olympics going we were shocked when she said she wanted to do ballet instead of gymnastics. She has LOVED going! And we're going to a new ballet studio about 5 minutes from our house. They're an arts studio that has done art and music classes for a few years and this is only the second semester of dance so far. I wasn't sure how'd it would go, but she's really benefiting! The first week of ballet it was only her and one other girl who was trying out the class. And today it was just her! So we're basically getting private lessons. I'm sure she'd enjoy having a big group of friends in her class, but a girlfriend who is going to a popular place in town told me her daughter spent their entire class playing duck-duck-goose. Hah. 

Block Party

Last Saturday we had a little block party! It's awfully fun when your neighbor is a fireman and has the neighborhood station bring two trucks out!

Legoland in Grapevine

As part of the Dallas Summer Reading Program, Embry earned a free ticket to Legoland! We planned to go with a one of our good friends and her two girls and the kids had a BLAST! It's about 45 min from our house and we got there before it opened. I did something very unlike me and had Todd take his morning nap in the car (haha, I'm so Type A and totally okay with that) and we pushed it with staying past 1pm and we still could have stayed and done a ton more! We'll definitely be going back.

Todder Man The Toddler

Since my past blog things are a changing with our little Todder the toddler! He took his first few steps on his 11 month birthday, BUT he's walking a ton more now! Just today he probably did 20 steps. He's still wobbly and still gets down and crawls most of the time, but full blown walking is coming soon! Eeek! 

Also, as of Monday he is FULLY weaned! 11.5 months and no more breastfeeding for him. About a week and a half ago he started nursing for about 2 min at night and just kinda playing. So I cut out the bedtime feeding. The first night he cried off and on for 20 minutes which is so unlike him, but then he went onto sleep his normal 12 hours. The second night he fussed for about 3 min. and after that he seemed totally fine. So for about a week we were down to just nursing in the morning. Sunday I realized he nursed for about a minute before spying Jacob's Cheerios and wanting those. So Monday we got up and I offered him a pouch of applesauce and he was fine! Crazy! He doesn't really love whole milk, but he gets plenty of dairy so I'm not too worried! 


Embry's Speech Update

Brief update! Embry's speech class is back in session! She attended this past Monday and will go Monday mornings for an hour before her school. She told anyone who will listen this week, "I had SO, so, so much fun at speech" She told me all about playing cards, playdoh, etc. And her speech therapist said she picks up on things quickly and her goals will be updated soon! We're so excited to start seeing (and hearing) some improvements with her S blends especially! 



Jacob's first night to do bedtime (well except when I'd leave a bottle for him)

Seeing Eliot off on his first day of Kinder!

Emotional school day! Embry's last day in her class before moving up to the next classroom Sept 12 when school resumes. She has LOVED her class so much! And even more sad, her school best friend, Corinne, is going to another school this fall. So it was their last day together was yesterday. =(

Candice, one of Jacob's childhood friends, was in town and we got to see her and meet her husband and baby!

Long hair boy! His hair is SO cute, but also driving me crazy! We've had such a crazy week getting ready to be gone for 10 days that we never made it to get it cut. These locks will live on for one more week and we'll get it cut the week we get home! His birthday week!

Hahah Daddy can claim this charm ;) See shirt

Always catch him at Embry's door if he's up before her

Embry got to do another photo shoot for the Matilda Jane release!

She loves doing these! When I told her we were doing one Sunday she ran to her craft table and made pictures for all of the big girls. They were all so sweet when she gave them her scribbles! LOL


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  1. What is Todd's normal day schedule with meals and naps? I'm always trying to figure out the best schedule for my baby!