Sunday, April 17, 2016

The House of Higgins: April 17

Embry's Tree

Last Sunday Jacob put Embry's third and final tree in the ground in our yard. (One is at his parents house in Austin, one is at my parents lake house). E had so much fun helping Jacob plant it =)

Little helper T! Daddy already has his baby trees going!

April 2013 and April 2016

Final touches of flowers and stones around it.

Dallas Arboretum: Children's Garden

Now that the Toddler Tuesdays are over at the Arboretum (the face painting, petting zoo, kindermusik) we decided to still go Tuesday, but go to the Children's Garden, which is basically like an outdoor children's museum. Although we hadn't been in at least 8 months, Embry shocked me with how much she remembered from there.

Dallas Zoo

We hadn't been to the zoo in forever and it was a GORGEOUS day Friday so we went with a bunch of friends....along with half of Dallas and 3,000 school kids on field trips (yes I asked a worker...3,000 field trippers...ugh!) Regardless, the kids had a blast and I was exhausted by 1pm.

Zoo stroller nap, such a good boy

March for Babies

Our good friends, the Byrds, lost a baby at 24 weeks gestation and they walk every year in his honor in the March of Dimes March for Babies. This year we joined the walk with a bunch of our friends.


T loving Jimmy Fallon

I went to a wine and nail girls night out one evening and did my first Jamberry manicure =)

Embry noticed within TEN seconds of getting her out of bed the next morning!!! And wanted her nails done IMMEDIATELY!!!

Daddy's little Celtics fan

T at E's swim lessons

Not so sure about asparagus

The kids of Rockyglen Drive =)

Pizza picnic with Eliot


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