Sunday, April 10, 2016

The House of Higgins: April 10

Mommy and Embry "Date"

Last Sunday afternoon Embry and I went on a special "Mommy and Embry Date"and met up with one of her besties and my besties! We had tickets to see the Hansel and Gretel puppet show at the Dallas Children's Theater. Jacob had told her the story right before we left and she was VERY hesitant of the witch and talked about it nervously the whole way there. Shockingly she did fabulous during the show and didn't get scared. It ran a little under an hour and was unlike any puppet show I've ever was SO cool! We got to do a meet and greet with the puppeteers afterwards and when I told them I thought it was so neat one told me "not many people practice puppetry like they do nowadays. Embry and her buddy, Sophie, had so much fun and we all went out to dinner and to get FroYo afterwards! On the drive home she had me tell her the story of Hansel and Gretel over, and over, and over. 

Nervous to stand by the picture of the witch....

After the show!

Monday we checked out Hansel and Gretel from the library at her school and we've read it every day since.

Tuesdays at the Arboretum

It was the last official "Toddler Tuesday" at the Arboretum, meaning the free face painting, petting zoo, Kindermusik class, etc. until it starts back up in the fall. We totally will be back, probably even weekly, for picnics and such, but Embry got so into the face painting that she'll totally be bummed that's over with.

T snoozed in the stroller for almost 2 hours- woo hoo!

LOVEEEE this photo!!!

Embry's Paci is Gone! 

We really had no plans to get rid of Embry's pacifier...both her pediatrician and her dentist (who's also an orthodontist) told me as little as she used it, it wasn't a big deal. And about 3 months ago when she was really into Chuck E. Cheese I told her we could go if she wanted to give up her paci and she didn't want to. But when I was packing her backpack for school Wednesday I noticed the front pocket was unzipped and there wasn't a paci in there. I talked to her teachers at school and to my shock, she hasn't had a paci at school in "awhile" and has been napping. Soooooo I figured I kinda had to roll with it and try to put her to bed with no paci. I talked it up all afternoon and by bedtime she was pumped. While we were on her bed reading books, she gave me a little lip and whimper and asked if she could please have her paci and on a whim I told her I already gave them to "little babies" and that "you're almost four and don't need one anymore". And then she went about our routine and fell right to sleep. The next morning (Jacob worked late the night of), she woke up and told Jacob very proudly that "I'm almost four and I don't need a paci anymore!" The only other mention of it was at naptime the next day, she asked if she could borrow one of Toddy's pacis and I said no and she moved on. No mention the next night! Hooray! Such an easy girlie!

No paci definitely called for donuts for breakfast. The two she picked out!

First no-paci nap.

Aunt Tomi Visits

This weekend my sister Tomi came to visit from Austin! It was a really crummy, wet, cold weekend so we just hung out and had a relaxing weekend around the house. Embry,as always, loves having a guest around to play with 24/7! =)

Mimi and Papa sent a "you don't use a paci anymore" gift! And E's obsessed to say the least. Pony hair salon.


T was extra happy to see me Monday morning after he didn't see me all afternoon/evening Sunday =)

So, so close to crawling, but he manages to get around the house quite well army crawling.

The best dog ever! And cutest guy!

Loving green beans.

This guy...can't make it awake past 6:30 pm these days. Crashed in the car at 6:15.

E got to go to Daddy's softball game again this week. Watching him bat.

Toddy doing leg lifts ;)

Loving his bunny =)

My little love bandit =)

Swim lessons!

She loves anything that twirls

T LOVED avocado and applesauce mixed together


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