Sunday, October 18, 2015

Todd: One Month Old

One Month Stats
Weight: 11.6 pounds (taken on scale at home)
Height: ??? (he goes to the doctor this week and I'll update it)
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: Can still squeeze into a few newborn things, but this past week I've packed up most of his NB things! So wearing 0-3 month clothes for the most part. 
Eating: Nurses every three hours during the day and night.
Sleeping: Pretty much still wakes to eat every 3 hours. Has given me a few four hour stretches and early on a five hour stretch, but I think that was a fluke. This mama is ready for some longer night time stretches! If he's like his big sister it should hopefully happen this next month. Also, as of a few days ago I moved him from the bassinet to the Rock-n-Play sleeper in our room. After reading up on it, it's recommended for gassy babies to sleep at an incline, so it seems to be helping a bit. 

New Things!
*Well pretty much everything is new since he's only one month old...hah! But here are some things about our guy at one month old...
*He's a great nurser and has done great with the bottle the few times Jacob's given him one! 
*Does not like the pacifier at all, despite me trying three different brands all the time! Hah! It was so nice to have Embry take a paci, so I'm bummed he doesn't like it. 
*He's quite the gassy baby...always grunting and for the past week has seemed to be uncomfortable more when awake.  Also, if he doesn't get burped a few times after eating he will spit up...and sometimes quite a bit. Seems like once a day he spits up what seems like a ton, but he's clearly gaining weight just fine. 
*We still bathe him on the yellow sponge. It's just so easy and quick! I think we'll try a "submersion bath" soon. 
*I honestly think he's already doing some social smiling. He's smiled in response to my voice and Embry's voice this past week. 
*He survived his first week at home with just "the girls" as Jacob was gone on a business trip for FOUR days and nights. He doesn't seem to mind hanging with the girls ;)
*Starting to get a little baby acne on his chin.
*SO great at being on the go. Even if he's just napped 2 hours, he'll still conk out in the car and while we're out running errands.
*Gets the hiccups all the time and hates them.
*Loves staring at the ceiling fan, hah!


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