Sunday, October 11, 2015

The House of Higgins: October 11

Medical Update

For once we only had one appointment this past week, I had an appointment with a cardiologist about my high blood pressure. I went Tuesday morning and really liked the cardiologist I met with. I had an EKG done and everything was normal and he said my heart sounds great. He doesn't *think* there's an underlying issue with my heart that's causing the high blood pressure, he thinks it may be genetic hypertension setting in (thanks Dad and Gram Fanning, hee hee just kidding) or simply postpartum hypertension, which happens sometimes as hormones are leveling out. He put me on a "pregnancy safe" (also breastfeeding safe) blood pressure medicine and to be safe ordered an echo-cardiogram to make sure the heart muscle itself is normal. (I go this upcoming Wednesday for that). As for my blood pressure, the medicine has already lowered it quite a bit, in fact today it's been 100-110/70s, yay! So I go this week for the echo, then the next week for a follow up with the doctor. Always something around here!

Embry's Back

The first part of the week Embry was still in Austin with my mom and it was quite relaxing to just have Todd here! Wednesday morning Todd and I met my mom, Embry, Ruthie, Ford and Lucy halfway between Dallas and Austin in Waco at the Cameron Park Zoo. I think I overdid it a bit because that evening and the next day my incision was a bit painful and it hadn't hurt in awhile. Also, since I drove home during Embry's nap I didn't get a break to rest myself that day. Regardless, it's great having Embry home! 

Bedtime stories at Mimi's with Ford

She loves her maps!

The kids' favorite part...all of the statues, hah!

Mimi has full hands with four!

T and Aunt Rudy!


Costco with both kids!

She found her Christmas jammies in the back of her drawer!

So proud to take T to MOPS!

Lazy Saturday morning

Daddy and E headed to the Arboretum

Painting pumpkins

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