Monday, October 19, 2015

The House of Higgins: October 19

Todd's One Month Old

Poor second child. I went through all of Saturday thinking it was October 18 and posted all about Todd being one month old. Turns out Saturday was October 17. Whoops.'s Todd's one month post! Hah!


Toddler Tuesday at the Dallas Arboretum

It felt so good to get back in the swing of things and meet my friends for a fun day at the Dallas Arboretum for Toddler Tuesday. It was exhausting taking two kids for three hours, packing lunches, taking pictures, etc. but fun! I was relieved when Embry took a three hour nap that afternoon, especially since Tuesday started Jacob's four day long business trip to Pennsylvania.

Lots of cheek grabs for Toddy boy

Face painting!

Looking at herself in the mirror

Picnic time!

The Rest of the Week

We've started "dinner bootcamp" where I'm not making Embry a separate meal...aaaaand it's not going so well. Trying to solve her picky eating habits now.

"Make me another dinner pleaseeeeeee"

She really is the sweetest big sister and such a good helper!!

Skeleton jammies!

Double chin and smiles

Alert boy!

Bedtime braid to try to help with SUPER tangly hair in the morning.

Miss Picky stealing my salad for lunch...

On a walk with my little acorn collector.

Bedtime stories

Sleep smiles in his sisters pink Miracle Swaddle Blanket =)

Birthday party on Saturday morning!

Birthday girl- Baby Bonnie Boo =)

Visit from Friends!

Saturday afternoon two of my good friends from Austin arrived for a weekend visit with their three kids! It was so much fun having them here and showing them some things in our hood! We hung at our house Saturday afternoon then went to The Lot for dinner where the kids literally rolled around in the sand for three hours. Between the three of us girls we have five little ones so it was the perfect spot. They had a hotel downtown, but we met back up for breakfast Sunday morning and a day at the Dallas Arboretum!

Nolan, Morgan, and Embry (all born within a few weeks of each other)

Junie girl

The whole crew

Why we were all smiling in the photo, haha

Breakfast with the gang
Leading the way with her map

Making a wish at one of my favorite spots in the Arboretum

Four of the five kiddos!

The darling kids!




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