Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everything Embry: October 19

Day With e&e

Monday I kept our neighbor Eliot as his school was closed for Columbus day. The babes were troopers and tagged along on errands with me in the morning and then we did crafts and played outside in the afternoon. It was a cold, dreary day and I was relieved when they both took almost 3 hour naps ;) 


Playing so nicely together alone 

I let them pick out masks while we were out and about and they loved painting and modeling them that afternoon. 

Digging in the backyard 

Embry not quite getting the whole mask thing, haha

The monkey and the lion 
Sweet boy!!

Arboretum with Grover Girls

Tuesday morning we packed a picnic lunch and picked up our friends, the Grovers, for a fun day at the Arboretum. A few days a week they have free petting zoo, face painting, etc. and of course, the Pumpkin Village is always so fun in the fall. The Grover girls are 4 and 6 years old and get along SO, so great with Embry. I love having them around because they take such good care of her and love to play with her. We walked around for about two hours, then had a picnic lunch while the girls ran up and rolled down a giant hill for an hour. Wish I got videos or pictures of it, but Candis and I were enjoying visiting while the girls played! Embry slept in until 8:30 the next morning, so I told them we have to go back soon and run for hours ;)

Ready for the Arboretum 

Amity, Embry (eating a pretzel) and Vivien 

Sweet sisters 

The petting zoo 

Having a tea party! They could have done this for hours. 


We've been loooovvvviinngg the fall weather! Love playing at the park and even just in our own backyard. Embry keeps busy, busy, busy with her chalk, her slide, and her driving toys (cars, bike, etc). 

She loves playing marching band and often makes me and Jacob "mar, mar, mar" along with her. 

Daddy time at the park 

She loves jumping off steps now- getting so big!

Morning walk...I ended up pushing the empty stroller and following behind my girls

E thinks it's so fun to change things up and draw chalk on the fence 

She recently likes me to draw a big shape and her to "color it in". She's getting better! 

Those sassy eyebrows 

This girl =)
One of our mum crates in full bloom

e&e at the park

Big girl

This was the biggest slide I've ever seen at a park, and of course Embry went down it! 
Riding her bike from the Harts

Silly girl 

Smocked dress and chucks- love!
Having her "little baby" go down the slide

Being a monkey in the tree (insert "ooohhh oooohhh ahhh ahhh")

Acorn collector 

Birthday Party

Saturday we went to a friend's 5th birthday party at the Dallas Heritage Village right downtown. It's like stepping back in time a few hundred years. Embry was the youngest one there, but she had fun with her older friends. Our neighborhood is full of tons of girls and they're all so sweet to Embry.  They had a gunfight in the downtown area and it was really loud and most of the girls were scared and E cried out at one point, but was a good sport. Besides that she had a blast.

Doing crafts


She has become very attached to the Dumbo stuffed animal she got for her birthday! Sunday morning Dumbo was on TV and she was mesmerized for a bit. 

Embry's hair salon 

Sunday night it was cold and E's hair was still wet when Jacob got her PJs on her... I was in the living room and hear him blowdrying her hair. She sure has him wrapped around her finger! 

Fleece, footed jammie season is officially HERE and I couldn't love it any more! 

I made homemade pho for the first time this week and it was pretty much the best thing we've ever had! This will be making an appearance again soon! 

Just a little bowl of pho ;)

Slipper season has also begun- she loves her slippers!

Story time at the library 

Dumbo now tags along with lovey on most of our outings!

She's still playing doctor all.the.time!

Rocking two babies

Story time at Northpark Mall

Loving her kale and strawberry smoothie or as she calls it "ice cream"

Pictures before MOPS Friday morning

Couldn't pick one....or three

Birthday outfit from Kiki and E-Pa!

Embry playing doctor with the best dog ever! Sweet Theenie is such a good sport!

Such a girly girl- brushing her dolls "hair"




  1. Hey girl! Embry is so cute! I wish I could get her together with my 2 year old, Noelle. Pretty sure they'd be hilarious together. :) Is there an email address I can email you at? I was re-reading your post on momquery about creating a schedule with a baby, and I am desperate to get my 6 month old on a better schedule. I think I just got used to having a baby that was so go with the flow with my daughter, but my son is a disaster! Wakes up 3-4 times a night, and sometimes will stay up for over an hour. Anyhow, I could go on, but if you have any advice, I would appreciate it. Especially when it comes to crying it out. ugh! My email is mpwiedeman (at) Thanks! ~Megan

    1. Hey Megan!! Yes! I will email you later today! Good luck with your little man and until then, COFFEE! ;)