Sunday, October 5, 2014

Everything Embry: Second Birthday Edition

Embry's Minnie Birthday Party!

We had a very successful, fun party for Embry in Austin this past weekend! We are so lucky our "golden girl" is so loved by so many! We had a low key party of about 30 friends and family members doting on our little 2 year old! We had cupcakes, cookies, lemonade and of course, champagne ;) It was the perfect afternoon and we spent most of the party outside and most of the little kids ended up naked in Mimi and Papa's pool! Hah!

Birthday Chalkboard Print from Fly On The Wall Ink !!!

Minnie Cookies by Aunt Ruthie!

Fun Minnie cupcakes!


First birthday and second birthday =)
Embry and Aunt Rudy! Wish I got pics of E and her party guests!

Embry, Morgan and Nolan

Our whole family =)
Baby Lux loving the pool

Auntie Al and Auntie Em!

Ford, Embry, Nolan, Morgan, and Lux


Birthday Week in Austin

We had an awesome week in Austin! It's so nice to get to catch up with family and friends while we're in town and we were busy bees the whole time! She had so much fun staying at Mimi and Papa's and all of their toys. I thought we may have to rip E away from their doctors kit, but luckily she got one for her birthday! (Thanks Al and Em!) She discovered McDonald's Barbies and the old school Fisher Price Little People from the 90's! Also our old Mr. Potato heads and tons and tons of play doh toys. They also got their own little kitchen for their house and we spent a good portion of each day eating "snacks" Embry serve us. So fun! We also had a fun day trip to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls with Mimi, Ruthie and Ford. Embry napped four hours that afternoon, so the farm, pumpkins, hay ride, and train ride were totally worth it!

We were there on Embry's real birthday (October 1) and although we missed Daddy desperately (FaceTimed multiple times a day), we had an awesome day with a play date and pizza out with both sets of grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and friends! Embry was a PRO at blowing out her candles on a 'smores pizza cake! She even asked us to do "more, more, more" so we relit the candle and sang again! Hahah!

Last Saturday at home before headed to a birthday party!

Snoozing on our way to Austin

Helping Auntie Karly open all her baby shower gifts ;)

Smooches for baby Greyson

Snuggles with Auntie Emily

Snacking with Uncle James in Mimi and Papa's new kitchen

Play Doh Toys!!!

Chalk time

Cutest chalking cousins

Doctor Embry!

Lunch with her dolly

Mall Playscape

Don't tell Uncle Jon ;)

Toddler basketball

Oh, poor Papa's foot!

Barbie timeeee

Story time at Barnes'N Noble

GNO at Chuys

Birthday bike from the Harts

Baby doll Ergo carrier from the Harts....cutest ever!

Birthday girl! October 1st!!!

Pizza for the birthday girl!

E-Pa with both babies

S'more pizza!

Woo Hoo!

Kiki an E-Pa with the Birthday Girl

Flying with E-Pa

A big hit- a Minnie Mouse camera!

Playing doctor with Kiki and E-Pa

FaceTime with Dada

Sweet Berry Farm!

Mimi and her grands


Lovey girl on our drive home. We've noticed she now wraps one finger in her lovey to cuddle.

Crazy 4 hour nap hair

Tracing Papa's feet
Right after her party she insisted on getting her letter puzzle out from Kiki and E-Pa


Coloring at Kiki and E-Pa's house

Witches cape! Flying girl!

Flying with E-Pa

Helping Kiki harvest basil

Picking flowers for Mommy while wearing a cape

Snoozing on the way home
Happy to be home!



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