Sunday, September 29, 2013

Embry: 51 Weeks

Visit from the Premers

Last Sunday my Grandma and Grandpa Premer came for the day and night on their way home to Kansas City after spending time in Austin meeting their new great grandson, Ford! We had a great visit with them and Embry loved the extra attention. She took a special liking to Grandpa Great, she loved his white goatee =)

Waiting for the Premers to arrive

Helping Daddy with yard cute!

Embry loves looking at little photo albums, especially when Grandpa Great reads them

Tickles from Grandma Great

Cruisin with GG

This little piggy....Love this one!



The ladies =)

Cuddling her lovies

Saying goodbye to the greats!


Friday was our first day of MOPS! (Click here to learn more about MOPS) We missed the actual first meeting when we were in California but it's every other Friday during the school year. It's located at the church where a lot of my friends send their kids to the Mother's Day Out program and I hear wonderful things about it. Luckily, the childcare that is provided during MOPS is the same teachers as the MDO. Having never left Embry at any sort of child care facility (and barely ever leaving her with family/friends) it was a big day! 

I enjoyed MOPS so much and loved the few hours away to listen to a speaker, eat a great breakfast, and socialize with other moms! I was so excited to go pick Embry up though! She was the only one still in her high chair when I got there. The three "teachers" in the class went on and on about how good she was and she was the only one in the class that didn't fuss at any point. Yay! When I said how relieved I was because it was her first time being left their jaws hit the floor. One teacher told me she was sure she was a daycare baby because she was just fine and seemed used to playing with other kids in a new environment. Little Miss Social! Also, the teacher who was feeding her told me she was sure I packed way too much food for her. (A whole Tyson Chicken Patty and 4-5 strawberries). Embry ate every last bite. Hah! 

So fun packing her lunch =)

After dropping E off an backing away quietly....she didn't even notice I was gone

When I picked her up she was chowing down, finishing up her lunch. 

Her cute sticker on her back.
Her first little daily report =)

Bumps, Bruises,Burns....and Teething

This was a little bit of a rough week. She took a few tumbles, bumped a few heads, and really, really was teething. Oh and burned her hand! 

She is quite the clumsy climber and took a bunch of spills off of things backwards. She loves crawling on her PB Kids chair (Her pink Embry chair) but then falls off backwards. She got her first real "shiner" bumping heads with Daddy on Friday night. (The night before she bumped into the corner of her wooden play cube with that SAME cheek...ugh!) And as for the burn, one day when I went and bought two heavy plants Jacob needed me to pick up at Home Depot I came home, got E out of her car seat and let her crawl around the carport while I unload the plants and take them about 10 feet away. I heard her scream and cry and realized she had crawled over and touched my exhaust pipe! Eeek! A few days later it bubbled up on one little finger and she had a blister. 

This was the toughest week of teething we've had so far, she was in obvious pain pretty much all week. She was on Motrin pretty much all week long and finally Saturday night into Sunday morning she slept 13 hours and woke up with a new cut tooth! She now has two bottom teeth and the two top teeth on the way!!

The Rest of Our Week

At Athena's annual check up at the vet

Big girl in tennis shoes

Boot cut jeans and big girl shoes......=)

She loves taking selfies (seeing herself in the phone)

Driving up the driveway with Daddy 

Grocery shopping in her car =) 

She was so excited when she saw another little girl at the store, she just HAD to go see her. 

Very interested in passing dogs

Afternoon with Eliot

Having a ball together

Eliot helping push Embry home

Cute little leg warmers =)

She thought she was awfully big and didn't want to sit in the cart-seat


Arts and crafts with our friend Cammie 

The fun cart at Home Depot

Brushing Daddy's hair

So big drinking out of her Tervis Tumbler from Mimi and Papa

Drinking her milk like a big girl

More milk drinking after MOPS
We were waiting in our driveway for Lauren and Eliot to pick us up to go to the museum 
Headed to the museum where my phone died =(

Helping mommy go through her baby clothes to let a friend borrow =)

Playing in the rain and flooded carport

Saturday afternoon playdate with Eliot

Are you ready for some footballllllll? Sunday morning ready to cheer on the Cowboys with Daddy


Embry with her doll and her favorite photo album

Embry playing peek-a-boo

Embry getting in and out of the Bumbo alone....

Embry kissing Uncle James' picture

Embry does "Open Shut Them"

Embry wants to go outside

Embry at her play table

Embry being silly with Mommy

Embry sees Eliot in Bed Bath and Beyond...haha

Embry and her squeaky shoes for the first time

Embry gets hurt feelings

Embry uses a fork for the first time(s)

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