Sunday, September 22, 2013

Embry: 50 Weeks

FIFTY weeks! I remember feeling silly titling the weekly posts at 20 weeks. Now were at 50! So crazy!

We have a full blown....75% walker on our hands! I'm not sure I would call her a full blown walker yet, but she's close. Lots of videos below and the photos of her get blurrier as the week goes on! Haha! It's hard to capture a walking baby! Also, on Tuesday she face planted on our jute rug in our kitchen and got rug burn on her nose and forehead. Poor thing! Scabbed over on her nose for a few days, but she's all healed up now =)

She had her first diaper rash this week. Well technically she had diaper rash in the hospital but I don't really count that. It started on Tuesday morning and was gone by Wednesday night. I cannot say enough good things about the diaper rash "concoction" I was told about when I had E by a neighbor...Aquaphor and corn starch. I also let her air out after bath two nights and only had one accident, luckily on the tile =)

Also, since we got home from California she's been on a tad later schedule. She was so thrown off last weekend we've moved her bedtime back as far as we could. A few nights she even stayed up until 7:30 pm. Hah- just call her night owl Embry! She is sleeping in a tad later too and one morning she slept past 7:30 am. The past few nights I can tell she's been ready for bed closer to 6:45, but we're working on it. Oh the life of an almost one year old...

Now for the good and videos! I've realized that with a walking baby videos are a better way to capture her day. So don't mind the excessive videos and blurry photos =)

Watching Mama unload the car! 

Happy girl

She loves her block letters! 

She sure was happy to see her toys this week!

Push toys outside

My happy girl 

Chugging her whole milk! 

Later bedtimes mean we get to go on an evening walk with Daddy!

My two girls 

She grasped onto a few acorns and wouldn't let go!

Got a new toy at Goodwill this week. $2.99 musical bongo drums. She was channeling Matthew McConoughey here and doing some naked drumming! ;)

Rug burn on her forehead and nose =(

Supposed to be nursing, but she wanted down to play. 

Playing at the library after story-time!

Since she's been walking more and more, this is what most of my pictures of her look like. 

This cracked me up...Jacob reading Dr. Seuss to E and E reading the mail! Haha!
(Naked airing out diaper rash!)

Pretty in pink

Happiest girl!

Having a ball outside

Let me out! ;)

Girly girl loves her dump truck

One of her current faves... a rubber chicken...haha

Herman Munster walk

Happy girl in the kitchen. 

Jacob's new favorite picture of Embry- He had me print it for his office.

Happy veggie loving girl

Hugs for Daddy

Trying on coats at Costco....can't decide if she needs one-I may try to get away with a fleece. 

My Costco loot!

Shaking her new maracas!!

Front porch swinging

She loves this book so much. Highly recommend it- she's loved it from 3.5 months old.
(Priddy Books- 100 First Words)

Home Depot with Daddy- Two tall skinny peas in a pod

Saturday morning we woke up to temps in the 60's! Fall is in the air! It was the perfect morning to head over to the Dallas Arboretum where the Pumpkin Village was in full force! I die over these pictures! I have NEVER been stopped more than we were there...People were swooning over her cable knit pumpkin sweater. Gotta love a $1.99 Thrift Store find! (Gymboree brand...I assume from a few years ago)

She loved the little gourdes! 

Why don't these make noise like my maracas when I shake them?

The outfit....ahhhhh

Let me see if I can lift this pumpkin....

Be still my heart.....

One of the pumpkin houses

Proud walker...even in the mulch

Gigantic pumpkins!


Embry eats Daddy's Cheerios...really drinks the milk! Hah.

Embry trying to get dressed...

Embry tries Pedialyte....and gets very silly about it....

Embry loves her rubber chicken....

Embry greeting Daddy....

Embry playing basketball...

Embry "retrieves" her lovey...

Embry and a box

Embry and her push toy outside

Embry in the tub

Embry putting on a hat

Embry and her new maracas

Embry and her push toy...

Embry "says" Uh Oh

Embry does the "Open Shut Them" song...

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