Sunday, September 8, 2013

Embry: 48 Weeks


We spent the rest of Monday (Labor Day) at my parents house, making it the third house we stayed at over the span of our stay. (Embry used to kind of need a night or two to adjust to a new sleep space...she seems a little better at that now). 

Tuesday morning after her nap, Mimi took us to the airport for our quick flight home to Dallas! Embry really was a doll on the plane. She is not a cuddly baby...although I love that she is more of an independent baby, I do wish she'd sometimes want to just sit and cuddle! Well, she was super cuddly on the plane and I ate it up! We fly again this weekend to San Francisco so we'll see if that continues!

Playing in Mimi's Tuperware cabinet! 

My parents got a baby swing for their swing set! Lots of fun will be had here in the future! 

Papa's little princess

Tuesday morning Embry and I were off to the airport to fly home! She was busy feeding her baby sweet!

Before we took off!

Landed safely in Dallas

Home Sweet Home

It was SO nice to get home after 12 days away. We of course LOVED our time in Austin, but being back home in our house, with our things, and most importantly DADDY and ATHENA! Embry was thrilled to see her toys when we got home! That night Jacob got home and Embry gave him a PRICELESS greeting. I sat recording their reunion with tears streaming down my face! It's still sometimes hard to believe we have this sweet, perfect baby girl! 

Reunited with her toys! So cute. 

Pure joy on her face

E missed her puppy too. 

A Few Days at Home

Our week home was a good one, but I must say Embry had a fussy week! She was still entertaining, smiley, and had fun quite a bit, but she was just off at times. The week before in Austin (at the Harts) she was veryyyyy sensitive. She threw fits and hung her head and cried each time I told her no, or didn't let her do what she wanted. She was then perfect over the long weekend at the lake house so I thought maybe it was having baby Ford around (and Mommy paying lots of attention to him)?!? Who knows. 

Well then this week she just didn't quite seem herself at times. A few times Jacob saw her just lay on the floor out of the blue and kind of fuss to herself. He thinks she's in pain. We are both assuming she's working on a new tooth (or maybe five!!!). She's been sleeping great, but her appetite has decreased this week, and she's not only been chewing on her fingers, but her whole hand. No fever or anything, so who knows! When Embry does have an hour here or there where she's fussy and demanding I am SO thankful we were blessed with such a happy go lucky girl! Cranky babies are EXHAUSTING!!!!

We definitely still had some fun despite some crabbiness! As I've said a million times, Embry adores older kids. We saw our best bud Eliot each afternoon this week and the first time Embry laid eyes on him, it was like she couldn't catch her breath! She was SO excited!!! We also kept another neighbors two girls (ages 3 and 5) one morning and when Embry woke up from nap to find two friends in her house, she was THRILLED! They came with me into her room and she was shrieking and showing off, picking up each of her toys to hand to them. Too funny. We hit up a new story time (we're SO lucky that within FOUR miles of our house we have three different libraries that offer free classes all on different days), ran a bunch of errands, played in the water table and had a lunch date with Daddy. 

Lastly, two new things are I cut out her middle of the day nursing session, so we're down to just morning and night! Last week she didn't seem interested a few of the days, so I just decided to cut it out and see if she minded. She still napped great and didn't seem phased by it. Second, I introduced organic whole milk out of a sippy cup. She seemed to really like it the first day. The second day, not so much. I'm starting slow and offering it to her just around lunch time. 

Oh now you like the bottle E? ;)

Watching Amity and Vivien color on her chalk door! 

Three girls eating lunch 

I just LOVE these next three pictures, despite E looking SO old!

I mean her Pebbles hairdo is just so cute!

Grocery store with my girl

Kissable cheeks!

Kisses for Eliot!

Poor Eliot isn't a huge fan of Embry kisses....yet!

Picking out her outfit for the next day

Listening to her book from Aunt Tomi (one of the recordable audio books!)

Her blocks are always one of her favorite toys

Theenie kisses!

She LOVESSSSSSS the photo book of herself (It's a "My First Christmas" photo book from my Aunt Jacki and Uncle Mark). She looks at it all the time! Haha!

Showing me her acorns

AHH! Brave little girl! Moving the dog bowls up to the back of the step did not stop her.

Speedster coming around the corner!

We couldn't make story time at the library down the street on Wednesday, so a library about 3 miles from our house has one on Fridays. I really liked it and we'll probably be back! (It was put on by the Children's Director from our library, so the same Miss Jenna!)

Putting on a show... 

Little flirt crawled around and kissed THREE different kids during class. When kids would lay down, she'd take it as a cue to crawl over and go kiss them. Little lovey girl! 

The teacher was reading the book called "The Gruffalo" and he showed up (yikes!!)

Embry really liked it...from a distance!!!!

It was a pink with white polka dots kind of day!

Water table fun!

Busy, playing girl

This became her favorite toy of the week (video below)

More "stirring" fun!

My two happy girls

Early morning selfies

Saturday morning stirring 

Sharing with Daddy

Yummy meal of beans, avocado, and quesadillas

22 pounds at the grocery =)

Into Mommy's Us Weekly


Embry with her lovey at the lake

Embry runs from Papa

Embry eats Daddy's Cheerios....haha yuck!

Embry tries cow's milk

Embry wants to see Eliot

Embry tries to stroll with her baby

Embry found a new fun activity this week..."stirring her food"....

Embry shakes her maracas at the library

Embry dancing in her crib

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