Monday, September 2, 2013

Embry: 47 Weeks

Posting one day late since Embry turned 11 months yesterday and I did that post! We're currently still in Austin and just got back from a long weekend in the Hill Country! Embry and I fly home tomorrow and are excited to go see Jacob! 

Austin with Baby Ford

Week 47 was a FUN one! Lots and lots of newborn snuggles! Embry and I have spent the week in Austin with Jon, Ruthie, and Ford and loved it. Sure wish we lived in town because we will miss seeing them everyday. 

We had a few outings for Ruthie and Ford's two week check ups and even braved Target one day. Also, it was fun for Embry that a lot of the visitors coming to see Baby Ford had babies, so we had lots of fun play dates! 

Embry has been pretty good for the most part with Ford. I've kind of created a kissing monster to where whenever she sees him she feels the need to kiss him, which isn't always a great idea. Wednesday he had wet, wet hair from all of Embry's kisses. She does seem to be gentle with him when she realizes he's there. Also, she would definitely crawl right on top of him at the same time if something else peeks her interest, hah!

Walk to the mailbox

Sassy squishy face!

Here Aunt Ruthie, let me help you...

My two girls admiring their cousin

Being Auntie and Mommy =)

Playing lots of ball with Ernie

Fantasy Football Draft happened at the Harts on Sunday (Jacob sporting his crown since he was the winner from last year! Hah)

All the babies at the FF draft....Embry was quite outnumbered by the three boys!

We got to visit with Kiki who came also since E-Pa is part of the group!

She has loved baths with all of Ford's bath toys

E "helping" Uncle Jon with Ford

Making silly faces at Aunt Cori

E found F's mustache passy and loved it! Hah!

Cousin kisses

Britax Buddies in Mimi's car

Sweet boy

MORE kisses, hah

FaceTime with Daddy

Fordy flirting with me =)

Sisters and cousins at Mimi's

Such a silly picture of E, but you can finally see her tooth! 

Wednesday morning Ruthie and Jon were sleeping and I managed to take Ford and Embry on a nice long walk! Ford in the Moby Wrap, Embry in the stroller. 

Ford is using Embry's bassinet! Crazy to think not too long ago she was in it!

Books with Mimi

Ford's first trip to Target. E showing him the ropes as she's a Target pro =)

Kisses for Gia Grace =)

Some of the babies on the Harts street and their mama's 

Now Ford is outnumbered by three girls! 

Girl talk! Embry, Melaya, and Gia

She loves her shape sorter so much we had to buy one for Fordy Boy

Snuggle time =)

Mimi with her grands

Love =)

Playing with a new friend

Pretending to sleep with Mimi on the blanket. She thought this was SOOO funny!

Ernie looking at Embry, Embry at Ford, and Ford at me...haha

Loveeeee these two babes

FaceTime with Dada

Sharing with Ford

Here are two cute videos of Embry kissing Ford over the week....

Photo Shoot

Ruthie has taken tons of great pictures of Embry over her life! She has an awesome camera and knows how to do all the intricate settings! (Something on my ever growing to-do list is to learn how to use mine to it's fullest capabilities!) Our last full day at the Harts house I had Ruthie set her camera up for me to play around with since I had Embry in a cute little smocked dress. 

The first session in their side yard didn't go as planned. Embry hated being set in the scratchy mulch! And I wanted her standing in the pictures to show off her cute dress, so she wasn't too thrilled. The crying pictures are quite cute, since she looks so pitiful! 

That evening, Jon and I took Embry on their deck and had a much more successful session! It is quite helpful that Jon can just look at Embry and she giggles! 

Labor Day at the Lake House 

Friday morning my parents, Embry, and I headed to their lake house. It was just us for the day and night before James, his friends, and two families headed up for the weekend. We all had an awesome time and Embry was great for the most part. She wasn't the biggest fan of the sandy beach....she liked it in small doses! It was key having her splash pad hooked up to the hose on the beach. She slept great for the most part, which she did not do the last time we were at the lake in March- lots of good naps, sleeping in until 7, and one bummer morning where she was up at 5:30! 

She had quite the time flirting with James and his friends. She loves James and gets all squeally around him, always squawking and waving at him to get his attention and she was pretty much like that with all his friends. She just thought she was one of them! For being teenage boys, they were awfully cute with her giving her lots of good attention and playing with her. Little lover girl! 

Playing with Papa

Watching Mimi put the flags up

Standing so big

Sink baths at the lake =)

Book time with Mimi

She slept great at the lake this time!! She did NOT when we were here in March- so relieved!

Makeup with Mimi

Beach babe

Beach time with Papa

Oh just standing and reading

I brought her splash pad to the lake, which was awesome! So nice to have a sand free area for her. 

Lunch with the boys

Watching ping pong

E pulled Mimi's cup off the counter during her bath and helped herself to it!! Picture perfect, the cup reads " Life is Better at the Lake"

E and her fan club 

Sweet girl and her doting Mimi and Papa


Sleepy baby at 6:30 pm!  
Walking to Papa

E and her beach chair =) 

Splashin' around

Uncle James and Embry

Always trying to get the boys attention....hah

Kisses from Papa

Kisses all around

Kewpie doll

Boat ride....and hating life in the life jacket

I may have let her ditch the life jacket.... 

Selfies =)

Embry and her boys 

Kisses for Uncle James

Our last night at the lake, chillin on the deck, watching Papa grill

Keepin Pops company

Hi Papa!!!

The week before we came to Austin I found this cheesy, spray painted dress that said "Papa's 'lil Princess" at a thrift store for $1.00!! Couldn't pass it up to surprise her Papa!

One last stop at the Harts to see Baby Ford! Aunt Tomi with her niece and nephew

Back at Mimi and Papa's and playing with Uncle James

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