Sunday, April 14, 2013

Embry: 27 Weeks

6 Month Well Check

Tuesday April 9 Embry had her 6 Month Well Check. 

Height: 28 inches (95+ percentile) (95+ essentially means off the chart)
Weight: 17 lb 14 oz (88 percentile)
Head Circumference: 44.6 cm (95 percentile)

(How she compares- At 6 months I was 16 pounds and 26.5 inches. We're not sure about Jacob. I was 18 pounds and 28.5 inches at my 9 month check up.)

She also got four vaccines; one oral and three shots. It was very sad!! She cried really hard, but was over it about 3 seconds after I was allowed to pick her up.

The doctor said she is healthy, on track developmentally (even mentioned how well she's sitting up), and is a great size. She said big babies are healthy babies! In that case Embry is really, really healthy ;)

She answered a few questions I had about sleep, food, etc. She said she's ready to eat just about anything I'm comfortable with giving her. We're going to add protein into her diet, probably start with puree form, but she said boiled chicken, ground turkey/beef and flaky fish are great to go give babies. She also suggested scrambled eggs. I'm still only feeding her "solids" once a day, so I will start doing twice a day and probably give her an egg in the morning with some fruit and/or veggies. 

Here are some cute photos and a video from her appointment: 

Embry was fascinated by the fish tank in the waiting room. 

We have graduated from the newborn waiting room into the well check waiting room with the fish!

Happy arms and legs!

Silly baby!


So each time I've posted about sleep progress on the blog, I feel like I've jinxed it and we've taken a step back! But, I think it's safe to say she's finally sleeping through the night 12 hours! Monday night she got up around 2:30 am and I just gave her the paci, expecting her to wake up at her normal 4:30 am for a feeding. Well she never did! 

It was AWESOME that Tuesday we went to the pediatrician so I could talk to her about "sleep training". She said she fully believes in Cry It Out (so many people are so opinionated on the topic) and that at 6 months old babies are ready to do it. One thing I love about my doctor is she has a baby girl 7 weeks older than Embry. It's one thing to trust what doctors tell you, but it's another when they have done it recently with their own children. She warned me the second night was the hardest. 

So I decided Tuesday that I wasn't going to feed her in the night anymore. Now, I think most people think of CIO hearing their baby cry for hours on end. I wouldn't and couldn't do that. We don't hear Embry cry, well ever, so it's tough to even hear it for a second. Tuesday night she woke up and I just didn't go into her room and she cried for about 5 minutes and went back to sleep. Easy right? Wednesday night she cried at 10:00 pm, 2:00 am, and 5:00 am. My doctor was right. And each time she was MAD! So mad that at 10:00 pm Jacob couldn't take the 5 minutes of crying and went in and rocked her. The other times she cried for no more than 10 minutes and she woke up at 7:00 am happy. Ever since, she's slept 12-13 hours without a peep! I'm sure if she was one of those babies that cried for 30+ minutes, there's no way I could have done it.  But for Embry, it was the perfect solution. I KNOW every baby is different, but I so recommend the CIO. It's tough, but works and works quickly!  

*Update: Something I'm adding is that we also this week started clipping her pacifier to her sleep sack. I think that totalllllllly helped! It now doesn't get too far from her and I'm not having to go in just for the paci. (Adding this for my sanity, if for future babies I'm not having the same luck! Hah!)

Rocking and Rolling...

Rolling and Rocking are definitely the themes to our week....

Embry is a rolling maniac. I can set her on one side of our 8x12 foot rug and in seconds she's across the room, on the tile, against the fireplace. Her rug in her room is only 5x7, so she's off that and onto the wood floors and under her crib in about 2 seconds. 

She sit up really well now, but would prefer to be flat on the floor so she can roll. She actually entertains herself for a LONG time as long as she has space to roll. Hah!

Starting Wednesday she started getting up on all fours and rocking... I think that's the step right before crawling. It's going to be any day now...not sure how to feel about that! Hah! She's tough to keep up with only rolling!

Here are some pics and videos of Mrs. Rolly Girl! 

Of course, her favorite place to roll, also the most dangerous spot! 

I had laid her down on the rug and left the room for 90 seconds....

First time up on all fours! So close!

Wanting to crawl so bad. 

Always under something!

And as of Saturday night, she's planking! Haha

Up and Rocking on All Fours...

Quite the trickster in this video...

The Rest of the Week

We moved Emmy up to her 6-9 m jammies and they're pretty big still. We didn't make the switch because she had outgrown her others, it's just that she only has fleece 6 m and 3-6 m and it's been so warm here that we've had the AC on! All her next size jammies are just soft cotton and I didn't want her too warm. It is fun to see her in her four new jammies and let me just say, I have an obsession with the Circo zip up jammies!!! 

Daddy picked these out for Embry last summer. Little ballerina!

All these fun toys around, and the most fun thing is the package of wipes...

We switched E to night time diapers. She was waking up each morning with SUCH a full diaper and one time even wet through her jammies. Luckily these were on clearance at Target =)

Swinging fun!

Pretty girl

One of our neighbors granddaughters is in town, and loves playing with E.

Is there anything cuter than naked baby booty?

So helpful at Hobby Lobby

So happy to go on a walk!

Swinging after her doctor's appointment. 

Watching Baby Signing Time while Mama cooks dinner. 

Sippy time

Swinging with our neighbor, Kerri

Trying a cucumber for the first time, and loving it. 


Duck lips- check! Duck towel- check!

Adventures outside (stick, leaf, and dirt eating!)

Pretty girl

We are STILL getting use out of the playmat! She's loved it from 4 weeks on...

Modeling her new headband I made

Off to have a playdate with neighbor Eliot

Embry and Eliot enjoying the gorgeous day

She just LOVES Athena

Hi Sister!
Sunday morning we took a quick trip over to the Dallas Arboretum. It's so nice that we have a pass (our neighbors pass!) and it's less than 2 miles away, so we can go pop in for quick trips. Embry loved watching all the big kids running around. She preferred to sit in the grass, not roll and be on her tummy like at home (inside!). 


Here are a few more videos from the week:

Embry trying scrambled eggs (not loving them) and cucumbers (loving them)!

Maybe my favorite video of all time. Mommy getting lots of good, slobbery kisses.

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