Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Embry: 25 Weeks (Ten Days in Austin)

Embry and I had a great week+ in Austin!

We arrived Friday March 22 to see James star in Alice in Wonderland. Embry did great during the play even though it started at bedtime! (7:00 pm)

Costco with Mimi

Playing with Uncle James' phone

Despite being held by Ruthie, she kept leaning on Jon throughout the play!

James on stage

So proud of James! 

Embry laughs at Uncle James after the play

Saturday we ran a few errands and then had dinner with some Bunco Babes at Mesa Rosa on the patio. Embry finally met her future husband, Wyatt. (Another Bunco Grandbaby who is oh sooo cute!) 

Trying "mum-mums"

Ready to go to the mall


Meeting the Easter Bunny (we didn't pay the $30 for a picture WITH him)

HEB trip!

Meeting Wyatt

Sunday we lounged around in the morning, then my parents hosted the Embrys over for lunch. It's SO nice to have both sets of Embry's grandparents be friends and be together. It's so fun for me and her I'm sure! 

Papa, why is my giraffe in your mouth?

Loving Mimi and Papa's exersaucer

Mimi changing Emmy for the day

Papa and Embry reading

Waiting for Kiki and E-Pa
Kiki and Embry

Easter gift from the Embrys

So cute! Embry loving Kiki!


Papa being silly again!

Giggles with E-Pa

Trying peas and loving them!

Bedtime nibbles from Papa

Nibbles from Papa

Monday my mom and I took Embry to Lifetime Fitness to swim for the first time! She loved it! The water was a little bit cold, so she wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but then she loved it! Monday afternoon we ran to Target and then had some of my girlfriends over. After I put Embry to bed, I went out to dinner with them! So great to see my girls =)

Ready for my first swim!

Waiting for "open swim"

So fun!
First time in the pool!

Loving Justin Timberlake as much as her Mama

Embry says Mamama

Tuesday my mom and I went to lunch with Embry and then Embry and I went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's house for the afternoon. Kathleen was able to come over after work for dinner; we all had a great time! 

Ladies who lunch

E and Great Grandpa 

Having fun!

Tickles from Great Grandma

3 of 4 generations =)

Wednesday my mom and I had hair appointments and Embry came along and was a trooper! She even managed a nap (on the floor) during our appointments! That afternoon we went to Ruthie's house for a girls night (Jon was traveling). Ruthie made us a yummy dinner and we had an awesome time hanging out and talking babies =)

Good morning Sister!

I have a necklace too Mimi!

FaceTime with Daddy

Embry at our hair appointments

Nap time

Can't quite throw Ernie the ball yet

I had laid her on the blanket for a nap and came in to find this.

E and Aunt Ruthie

Didn't make it out of Ruthie's neighborhood awake. 7:10 pm

Thursday we went to lunch and dinner and greeted Aunt Tomi when she arrived home for the weekend!

Hanging in Mimi and Papa's closet

Embry at Michael's, loving to craft already!

Naptime in the car. Note the paci.... 

Papa and the pretty girl

Yup! She fits!

Friday morning we headed to the lake house for Easter weekend. It was a great time! One downside to the lake was Embry's sleeping. She did GREAT all week at my parents house in their crib. They also got a crib for the lake, but there are no bumpers in it like at their house and our house. That, mixed in with the floor to ceiling windows that let in a ton of light, she slept awful all weekend. Naps and night time were both a pain! At one point in the middle of the night she was using her paci to "play" the slats of the crib like a xylophone for over an hour. Little stinker! 

Highlights of the weekend include: Daddy arriving Friday night! First sip of water! First boat ride! First sink bath! Playing with Arden! First Easter! Photos in the bluebonnets (to come soon!)

Ready for the lake!

Emmy and Tomi

Chewing on James' "life proof" phone case

In our travel high chair. Worked out great on the bar! 

First sips of water!

FINALLY down for a nap

Personalized beach chair =)

Two cute girls

First sink bath

The fun game of drop the paci when I'm supposed to be sleeping... (She didn't see me sneak in for this photo)

Make up by Mimi

"Helping" with yardwork

I shall call you Cosette (Les Mis)

She became obsessed with holding her hand and opening and closing it...a new milestone I suppose!

First boat ride

Swimming in Arden's baby pool

Arden's swing

Arden and Embry (1 month apart)

Mimi and Embry

Mimi "sharing" her drink

Easter morning! We got her stackable blocks, new plates and cups, a new sippy and we ordered her a swing like Arden's!

Six months old, ready for a sippy cup!

"Helping" Daddy!

Car ride home to Dallas

Grand Easter dinner of peas and bananas

We had such a wonderful ten days in Austin! It was so great to see so many family and friends! Also, thanks to Mimi and Papa for being the best hosts ever! 

On to week 26... =)

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