Sunday, April 7, 2013

Embry: 26 Weeks

Before I start with 26 weeks, here are the photos off Ruthie's camera from Easter Weekend at the lake house! To me, the ones of her in the white dress don't look like her at all! Both sets of outdoor pics (white dress and blue bonnets) it was overcast, but bright outside, so she was awfully squinty! I just adore the photos of her having her sink bath! 

Pretty girl!

Aunt Tomi and Emmy

MUCH more interested in the blue bonnets than at looking at us.

Done with pics! Back to the house with Mimi!

Now onto our week....


Happiest girl! Ready for nap in her sleep sack!

"Helping" Mommy with crafts

My biggest helper

Giving a total Jacob face

Picking out produce at the grocery

We got her a walker this week off a Dallas Moms Swap  site for $10. She LOVES it and our house is perfect for it! Lots of videos below of our little maniac.

And she tends to get stuck under this side table! Hah, sad baby girl!
Playing with her shape sorter

This picture is deceiving, she really just eats the shapes!

Enjoying her walker while I cook dinner!

Daddy keeping her entertained while we eat dinner

Loving her puppy from Kiki and E-Pa

Long baby girl!

Playing again!

Tried pureed pumpkin this week.

It sure is fun being 6 months old and drinking out of a sippy! 

Happy girl and kicky legs


A few weeks ago I won Ruthie's blog giveaway for a headband from The Pleated Polka Dot. So beautiful!

Showing off her pretty new headband

This is how I kept her busy while I crafted... let her chew on paper!

Do I have something on my face?

One of our neighbors had us and another family over for dinner this week.
Embry and Olivia (exactly 7 weeks apart)

The babies of Rockyglen Drive.
Embry, Eliot, and Olivia

Daddies and babies

Hi, meet your new best friend.

Ready for a trip to the mall!

Hello sister

So sweet
So enamored with Dada when he gets home from work.

This is what happens when Jacob is coaxing Embry to "come on, come here Embry" Haha

Ciabatta bread samples at Costco are the best

Sweet girl going down for her nap

Afternoon walk on the perfect spring day!

E discovered the joy of the mesh feeding bag (You can put fruits and veggies in there for them to safely eat/gnaw on). This was frozen bananas. 

Friday evening we were both too excited for Daddy to come home!
A short afternoon naps make for a LONG evening! 

Saturday morning checking out our neighborhood garage sale.

Saturday we had quite the 2 hour outing to Home Depot...

Embry entertained herself by shopping and non-stop smiling.

Such a happy girl!

Helping Daddy decide what to get to eat...

Goof ball! When we got home from dinner we found this... Sock off and in mouth!

We hung her swing late afternoon on Saturday. We somehow didn't get a still shot of her in it, but got one of the cutest videos yet! (Below). 


Embry trying pumpkin for the first time...

Two cute Johnny Jump Up videos.. she loves to actually jump in them now! Hah!

Emmy getting up from a nap...

Yummy frozen bananas in the mesh feeder

Happy baby alert!

Embry's first time in her swing...maybe the cutest yet! 

This upcoming week we (finally) have her six month check up! Can't wait to see how she falls in the percentiles! 

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