Saturday, December 1, 2012

Embry: 7-8 Weeks and Thanksgiving

I plan on doing a Two Month post soon with all her new stats (weight, how she's sleeping, etc...)! For now, here's what we've been up to the past two weeks.

A Week in Austin

Embry and I went into Austin for the holiday week three days ahead of Jacob. We rode into town Sunday with Auntie Ruthie. She was a perfect angel the whole car ride and didn't make a peep! Embry got to meet lots of new people in Austin! My mom had a "sip-n-see" Monday night where she met 36 new friends =) Tuesday my Grandma and Grandpa Premer got into Austin and she got to meet her third great grandma! And a first, her great grandpa Premer! Wednesday my aunt, uncle and cousins arrived from Missouri. Thursday Embry met her Uncle Adam and lots of people from Jacob's side of the family! Saturday she met her Great Grandpa Gordon.

Packing up in Dallas...wearing her "Destination: Grandparents" onesie

Embry LOVED this toy my parents got for their house!

After the "sip-n-see"

Chatting with Mimi

Two of the three most important men in my life and Em

My two babies! Baby bro and Embry

Hanging on Papa's lap

Meeting "Grandma Great" (My grandma Premer)

Embry's first trip to HEB! (Huge deal!!!)

Cuddles with Uncle James

Loving Mimi and Papa's new rug

Grandpa Great and Emmy

First trip to Jardin Corona, my family's favorite restaurant! (Another huge deal! Hah)

The Langworthy's at Jardin

Whoops! After a 30 minute car ride!

Sleeping so cute on Grandpa Embry's lap

Four generations and meeting Great Grandpa Gordon

Grandma Embry =)

Enjoying a nice family walk

Headed home after a fun week!

Thanksgiving Day

We spent the first half of the day with Jacob's family where Embry got to meet Uncle Adam and more family. We spent the second half with my family (where lots of pictures were taken, surprise, surprise!).

Her "pants" were a little short!

All the Fanning girls
Four generations of ladies =)

Four generations

Our family
E and her Godparents

Auntie Tomi

My tall girl!

Love this- my family admiring Embry


Decorating for Christmas

We made the decision to go back to Dallas on Saturday evening! So glad we did! Especially after reading all the Facebook posts about I-35 being a parking lot on Sunday. We wanted to spend that Sunday just the three of us and kick off the Christmas season. We got up early and went to get Embry's first tree!

Decorating the tree- Little Santa

The big finale

The outside of our home. Added the 20 mini trees this year!

Our two girls

Smiles Galore

Starting Monday November 26 on her eight week birthday Embry started "social smiling". She had been smiling for the past few weeks but you really, really had to work for it and I still think it was pretty random. But the past week she has totally changed and is just all smiles and coos. It's been the most fun week thus far! It's so cute that she knows my voice. I'm pretty sure she knows Jacob's voice too, but she definitely will smile on cue with my voice so far.

Also, this week on Wednesday I took her to the pediatrician for one last check up before her sedation Thursday morning and what do ya know, she had an ear infection. I continue to be amazed at what a great baby she is. She was never fussy, slept  bad, etc. She started Amoxicilliin Wednesday evening. You would never know with the smiles and coos we got all week from her!

Misc. Photos and Videos

Little Thanksgiving girl

She has always loved stretching out and kicking around

Love those cheeks!

First trip to story time at the library

Fun day with the Dziedzic girls at Northpark Mall

Went to a book signing with Mama!

The many faces of Embry

Her play mat is definitely a favorite!

The day I put up her toys on her car seat. She LOVED them immediately.

I adore this picture!

Relaxing in the tub

Reading books

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