Sunday, December 9, 2012

Embry: Nine Weeks

Meeting Great Grandpa Cockayne

This week Embry got to meet yet another great grandparent. Jacob's Grandpa Cockayne came down from Oklahoma for two nights and got to soak up Miss Embry! Here are a few pictures from his stay.

Giving Great G-Pa smiles right off the bat!

Having a good conversation
Three generations

Reading to Miss E

Great G-Pa's last night

Two Month Check Up

Embry had her Two Month Check Up with the pediatrician on Thursday December 6. She weighed 13 pounds 2.5 ounces and was 24.5 inches long. She, again, was proportionate in all three measurements (height, weight and head circumference) in the 95th percentile for all three. (At one month she was in the 97th percentile for all three).  Here's happy Embry before the shots!

Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?

Mama's diaper bag is so interesting!

Waiting on the nurse to bring in the shots... =(

She had one oral vaccine and three shots. She definitely was in pain and screamed a cry I'd only ever heard while getting shots before. Once I was allowed to pick her up and soothe her she seemed fine. Then when I laid her back down to get her dressed she did her sad cry with the lip and all. It was obvious she was no longer doing the "I'm hurt" cry, it was the "I'm sad" cry. Still pretty pitiful!

Still sad getting dressed a few minutes later.

Thursday afternoon and evening she definitely wasn't herself. I wouldn't call her fussy, just not her happy self. She was extra sleepy that afternoon and just wanted to be cuddled!

Shot induced daze.

She finished up the Amoxicillin for her ear infection. She definitely hated the medicine. I am hoping medicine won't be a battle with her in the future, but for now it is. I may have cheered when she took her last dose last night =)

Every single time! She tries to spit out each mL! No fun!

Embry's Love Affair with her Play Mat

Yes, she loves this play mat so much that it deserves it's own section on here. She squeals with delight when we lay her under this mat and turn on the lights. It's pure joy to watch her. One night this week Jacob and I were trying to catch up on a 40 minute TV show and it took us 90 minutes to watch it, just because we kept pausing the show to watch and listen to her under the mat.



Mama's Ailments

Since Embry was a few days old my wrist has been hurting off and on. I would complain to Jacob about it when it would flare up, but didn't think too much of it since I knew never "injured" it. For weeks I thought I slept on it wrong and tried icing it when I could get a spare 10 minutes here and there. Finally, last weekend when I grasped the diaper bag wrong and yelped in pain Jacob insisted I see a doctor before December was over. Since our deductible and out of pocket maximum have been met this year, why not. I called the orthopedic doctor Jacob saw 18 months ago and they were able to get me in this week.

The diagnosis... "Mommy Thumb". Yup. It's a real thing. It's technically called DeQuervain's Tendonitis. Otherwise known as "Mommy Thumb" and "Mother's Wrist" on Wikipedia. Basically it's from over use of the tendon used when holding babies. The doctor told me his daughter-in-law who has his first grandchild who is 8 months old had this as well.

I was given a brace to sleep in and told to continue icing with an ace bandage when I can. I'm glad to have an answer for the nagging pain!

On another note, I guess I never updated after my six week OBGYN check up. I was given a clean bill of health and went back two weeks later for an IUD. Because of my blood clotting disorder I can no longer be on any birth control with hormones, so the hormone free IUD was my best option. No brothers or sisters for Miss E just yet! =)

I go back to see my hematologist in two weeks and will hopefully be able to stop the twice daily blood thinner injections.

Miscellaneous Pictures and Videos

In case you haven't gotten enough Embry pictures and videos above... ;)

Lazy Sunday; Napping on the couch

Putting on a smile show for Mimi and Papa on FaceTime

Baby Blue Eyes

Happy girl ready to go to music class at the library

"Mom and Dad say I'm Santa's Favorite"
Sleeping beauty after a fun music class

Some Christmas decor
Embry and a very creepy Santa!
(At a Christmas Bazaar at a local high school near us)

Smiles for Daddy at the doctor

Getting ready for bath
Nothin cuter than a baby butt =)
Embry's first museum trip! Proud Papa!

Smiles for Mommy

Chatting with Daddy

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