Monday, December 31, 2012

Embry: 11-12 Weeks and The Holidays

Eleven Weeks

Embry and I returned from a week in Austin at the start of her 11th week. Work on our house was still not complete so we spent the majority of the week confined to our bedroom. A few of the days we ran some errands to get out of the house, but for the most part we were at home.

Lounging on Mom and Dad's bed

We escaped the house to have lunch with Daddy!

My two girls

Confinement doesn't bother Embry!

One day it got up to 80 degrees! Embry tried
sitting in her big girl stroller for the first time
and LOVED it!

Still not the biggest fan of tummy time.

Twelve Weeks

We spent our Christmas break in Austin and had a wonderful time with family and friends. We spent a few nights with the Embrys, a few nights with the Fannings and a few nights with both families at the Fanning Lake House. Here are pictures from our time in Austin.

Embry meeting Aunt Kayce for the first time

Kayce, Embry and Grandpa Higgins

The whole Higgins Gang

The Higgins (or maybe soon-to-be) Girls =)

Kayce and Emmy

Embry with her new gift!

Jacob, Kayce, Embry and Blake reading a book
Jacob, Great Grandma Gordon and Embry

Happy to be at Grandma and Grandpa's House

Mama and Baby

Waking up one morning in her crib
Enjoying her play mat at the Embry's house

Embry and some of my girlfriends! (Getting to meet Karly finally!)

Impromptu gathering with some friends

Embry meeting Dan for the first time!

I wonder why Embry was giving Dan such cute giggles

Smiles for Uncle Luke
Hi Daddy

Smiles for her new hippo rattle

Meeting Daddy's college roommates, Adam and Nick

"Play date" with Ab and baby Arden (who is one month older)

Embry, Jacob and I took my mom to her two week check up. Playing at the doctor.

Cutie kitty hat

Stylish girl in her outfit from the Runds!

Dinner with Aunt Tomi

Hi cutie!

First evening at the lake house!

Performing her "lip"

Chatting with Papa

Loving life at the lake

One of her favorite things...being naked and kicking on the ground

Giggle Girl

With both sets of Grandparents

Christmas With The Embrys

This year we celebrated Christmas with Jacob's immediate family on December 23. It worked out perfectly since on Christmas Eve we get together with his extended family and usually have to rush gifts with each other. This year we got to enjoy a whole evening as a family and we had a blast playing games, eating a wonderful meal and being spoiled with gifts!

Embry wearing Jacob's Christmas outfit from 1985

Hanging with Uncle Adam

Ready for a fabulous prime rib meal

One of Embry's many nap spots

Playing a fun game called Blockhead

Smiles for Aunt Sam

Starting gifts

Lucky girl

Bed time bottle


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we woke up at the Embrys house and spent the first half of the day there. We got together with Jacob's grandparents, uncle and cousins and had a great time. We then went over to hang with the Fannings where we opened a few gifts and had a great steak and seafood meal.

Christmas Eve with "E-Pa" and "Kiki"

Family photo on Christmas Eve

Smiles for Aunt Ruthie

Happy Santa Baby

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning we woke up at the Fanning's house where we were spoiled once again. We spent the first half of the day opening gifts, relaxing in our PJs. The second half we headed back over to the Embry's house where we spent most of the day visiting with their friends.

Embry and her loot from the Fanning side

Not sure what was going on, but I love this picture!

Mimi, Papa and Emmy

Christmas girl

Kisses from Great Grandma Gordon

Someone has all the men in her life enthralled =)

Dan and Uncle Luke loving on Embry

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