Sunday, December 16, 2012

Embry: Ten Weeks

Embry and I spent her entire tenth week of life in Austin. Monday my mom had a double bunionectomy and some construction work was started on our house so it was the perfect excuse for us to head three hours south for the week!

Monday morning we woke to SNOW! Definitely a light dusting, but snow! All of the rooves on our house were all white and pretty!

Packed up and ready for the three hour car ride!
We drove straight to the hospital in downtown Austin where we got to see Mimi a few hours after surgery. She still had her nerve block in, so she was feeling no pain at all. Since she had to stay the night in the hospital, Embry and I spent the afternoon and evening at Grandma and Grandpa Embry's house! We dressed Embry up in Jacob's First Christmas outfit from 1985. So fun! Also, they hosted a "Sip-n-See" for Embry to meet some more "Aunties" and "Uncles". We had a great time and Embry was such a good, happy girl!

Safe to say we need a bow for her...she's looking a little boyish here!

E and part of the gang!

We spent the rest of the time at my parents house helping run the house hold while my mom is out of comission. Literally, can't walk for a few weeks! Eeekk! Embry and I planned on coming home Friday, but the work on our house was not complete (and still isn't, darn contractors!!) so we stayed until today! Here are a ton more pictures from the week.

Uncle James helping with Embry's night time bottle
Out on a chilly walk!

In her kitty outfit! Ready for Mimi to come home from the hospital!

Aunt Ruthie came to help for a day and got to bathe Em!

Happy, nakey girl!

Loving her crib at Mimi and Papa's. She LOVES the mobile there.
Thinking we need one for her crib now...

One day we took lunch up to school for Uncle James

Emmy was quite the hit!
Embry enticed by.... Mimi's painkillers!

So lucky to get to catch one of James' basketball games!

Perfect angel! Slept like an angel for the first hour, then was super content the second hour.

FaceTime with Daddy

Smiles for Mimi

Mimi's position for the next...oh four plus weeks. Feet up in the recliner!

Hanging outside!

We just love her Santa outfit from Auntie Tomi

Ready for a nap! (She was so good all week napping in her carrier)
Athena came along for the fun!

Playtime with Uncle James

As Papa said- storing up for the winter in those cheeks!

Napping on Mimi's lap

Chatting with Papa

Big gummy smile for Papa

Happy eyes!!

Someone got her Daddy's happy, squinty eyes!
And here's what we came home to today!
(We had all the paneling removed as a result of the hot water heater breaking
and tomorrow the
walls all get textured and painted!)

The lovely wallpaper they found under our paneling.

I do have some videos from this week, but they aren't uploaded to YouTube yet. Maybe mid week I'll post some! We head back to Austin Friday for the holidays, so we have a lot to do before then! Hope everyone has a great week!

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