Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Embry: Six Weeks and a Great Doctor's Appointment

Pediatric Neurologist

After our discouraging meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeon last month, we sought guidance from Dr. Brown, a psychiatrist and family friend.  Among other things, Dr. Brown suggested that we see a pediatric neurologist (neurosurgeons specialize in correcting disorders while neurologists specialize in diagnosing disorders).  So we made an appointment and met with a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Majeed, yesterday.

Our meeting with Dr. Majeed went much better than either of us expected.  He spent around an hour with us so I'll make this as brief and simple as possible. He reviewed the same MRI images as the neurosurgeon, but his assessment was much more positive.  The neurosurgeon had told us that Embry had cerebral atrophy (loss of brain volume).  Dr. Majeed told us that it didn’t look like she had cerebral atrophy. He also told us that it was too early to answer many of our questions and that the MRI on November 29th will give us a much better idea of what to expect.

The thing that he could conclusively tell us and the thing that stuck out the most to us is this: based on the MRI and Embry’s development so far, “there’s no reason to be anything but optimistic about her future.”  And that’s what we are!

Great Grandma Fanning's Visit

This past weekend my Grandma came to town for a long weekend and we had a great time! Embry has now met two of her great grandmas! What a lucky girl she is. Great Grandma Fanning got to be here for Embry's most alert weekend yet. My dad came in town Sunday to Monday to also be with us. It was so fun! We already miss her, but get to see her again when they come to Texas in February!

Waiting for Great Grandma Fanning at the airport

First hug!

Four generations

Jacob happened to capture this picture! Wasn't posed, but ended up being the cutest!

Out to dinner with proud papa!

Pass the baby!

Spent a lot of the days just staring at Embry!

Embry in her "Bushel and a Peck" onesie and her beautiful knit blanket from Grandma!

First "Submersion" Bath

During the weekend Jacob wanted to do Embry's first non-sponge bath. He read that you should try it and your baby might not like it, but to try every few days. Well Embry loved it! She was so relaxed and peaceful. Very cute!


What we've heard from multiple doctors is that as long as Embry is hitting her "developmental milestones" we shouldn't worry. This weekend she definitely "mastered" a big one for a six week old. She has always liked to stare at this stuffed giraffe and this weekend while laying on her Papa's lap she "tracked" the giraffe from side to side countless times! Jacob has a chart that medical community uses for the developmental milestones and tracking an object 180 degrees like this is a three month milestone. At three months of age 50% of babies can do this. Woo Hoo, go Embry!

This next milestone is just a fun one. She's just starting to smile in response to things, and not super consistently, which makes it hard to capture. Today I caught her in a very happy, smiley mood!


Here are some pictures of our little chunky girl from the past week.

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