Friday, November 9, 2012

Embry: Five Weeks

What's New With Embry

*She is now sleeping in her own crib at night; started on her one month birthday. No more bassinet! I'm loving it...all her little noises were keeping me up. But I probably couldn't do it without our video monitor! (Even though she's one room away!)

*Speaking of sleep, I'm hoping her confusion of nights and days might be fixed. The past two nights she's slept until 1:30ish, then eaten, then slept again until after 7:00 am. I noticed a huge change yesterday of her being awake a ton more during the day. I hope this keeps up!

*I think I'm going to count her first real smile being October 31. I heard her starting to stir from a nap and went to go see her and when I started talking to her, she gave me the biggest grin! She still smiles a lot, but it seems pretty random!

*She seems huge to us! One day Jacob swore that she grew during the day and was bigger when he got home. Hah.

*Last Sunday I left her with Jacob for about an hour to run to the grocery store. It was the first time (since her time in the NICU) that I had been more than a few feet away from her. It was weird!

*She got to meet two of my best friends, Ali and Emily, last weekend and this weekend gets to meet her Great Grandma Fanning who is coming in from Chicago for a few days!

Here are a ton of pictures and videos from Embry's Week Five!!

Pinkalicious on a walk!

Halloween gift from some of our neighbors

Happy girl

Meeting my bff's! Ali and Emily

Embry's first fro-yo trip!

Weighing Embry

Pretty in pink

Playing outside

Love her gowns! She looks so long here!

Cuddling her monkey from the Harts

Embry on Election Day. Yes, I dressed her in red, white and blue!

Morning nap in her moses basket

Jacob insists on skin-to-skin with her each night. Sweet cuddles.

Cozy nap

I don't know why but I'm obsessed with yawning pics!

I tried to crop myself out, but I could resist her cute hands while nursing. So content.

Loving this outfit from Ruthie, although I think it's supposed to be pants! Capris for my tall girl!

House Drama

So last Thursday I heard a hissing coming from the closet where our water heater is. I Googled it and it said we may have a leak. So I told Jacob and didn't think much of it. About a half hour later I saw water leaking out of the electrical outlet on the wall of our water heater... Yikes. We then realized water was coming out of the corners of the wall... Lovely. We turned the heater off and called the contractor who did our kitchen 2 years ago. They came out the next day to fix it and realized we had a lot of water damage in the closet and under the house (we live in a pier and beam house) so he suggested filing an insurance claim. So we luckily got the new water heater in Saturday but have been dealing with water damage since. Right now we have walls torn down, de-humidifiers in the house, machines hooked up to the outside of the house to dry out the crawl space, etc. We've had workers in the house every single day for a week now. I mop twice a day and still can't keep the dust away. Also, the entrance to our crawl space is in Embry's room, and each day they have to crawl under there to check the water damage. Ugh!! Such a nightmare. Every time I want to break down about this I remind myself of all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy and I feel better. The news today is that hopefully all of the machines can go tomorrow and then we can start back with our contractor to get new walls put up. Not ideal situation with a 5 week old, but we'll survive!

Soaking wet walls had to come down
"The Dragon". This is the machine hooked up to the crawl space in our house. It runs on diesel fuel (LOUD) and is basically a huge heater to dry things out. It's so odd, our floors are warm, almost hot. And the whole house is steamy...our air conditioning is running like crazy. Fingers crossed this gets to be removed Saturday!
Embry's closet, more fans are down there.
What the house looks like currently. With the de-humidifier in the middle of our great room.

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