Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday September 27 Update

Here's a quick update on a few new developments today!


We met with an anesthesiologist today and went over our plan for Monday. The plan is to take me off of the Heparin drip six hours before getting a spinal. My blood will be drawn about four hours after I am taken off Heparin just to make sure it’s all out of my system and Will resume Heparin drip 12 hours after c-section. 


I just love my OBGYN group. Of the five doctors, three of them came by at various times today to check on me. My doctor told me that she and one of the other doctors have decided that it will be best to do the caesarian with a vertical incision, versus the “bikini line”, horizontal incision. I guess it tends to bleed less and with me being on blood thinners and going back on them soon after the surgery, they both feel safest doing that. Plus, it’s easier to bring a bigger baby out of the vertical incision.


We met again with the hematologist and didn’t learn anything new. He was basically just coming by to check on me. He said he will probably be by one last time before the c-section, but that he agrees with the rest of my doctors with the six hours before and twelve hours after surgery Heparin drip decision. 

Thank You

Thanks again for all the prayers, emails, texts, calls, etc. 

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