Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday September 28 Update

Hi! Back with another update! We got some great news today!

The morning started with my 6:00 am blood draw where my numbers are still doing well on the Heparin. My dosage has now stayed the same since Tuesday night.

We got an early morning visit from Dr. Modi, the hematologist, and everything is all still set for my c-section Monday. Still feeling good about the doctors decision of when to take me off and put me back on the Heparin drip.

Around 8:00 am a nurse with a wheelchair came with news that Dr. Rinehart, the perinatologist, had some free time to do one last sonogram on Embry before delivery. On our 'trip' down one floor to his office Jacob told me how nervous he was for this sonogram since we will find out the levels of her brain fluid. He hadn't told me that this sonogram will tell us quite a bit about which of those three groups Embry is likely to fall into.

Dr. Rinehart talked us through the sonogram and got to her brain and measured the fluid on her brain. Remember "normal" is 10 mm and Monday Embry was measuring 30 mm. If the fluid was increasing the chances of Embry needing a shunt and possibly having more severe problems is much higher. Today the fluid measured 25 mm! We were thrilled, but that's not even the best part...

Dr. Rinehart was able to get a good view of her cerebellum and it was 100% normal. He told us that it was great news and indicated she has Isolated Hydrocephalus, which means she strictly has some excess fluid on her brain. (The fluid is not a symptom of something worse, it's basically just there) Also, there is a chance that this is just the amount of fluid she is born with and just has and they will never do anything about it. Or, if the NICU and Neurosurgerons decide, she still may need a shunt to drain the fluid, but that would be the end of it. Hooray!!!

Dr. Reinhart put us at complete ease about Embry's health. We're not 100% out of the woods yet, but the her future is looking WONDERFUL! He told us that we should no longer be worrying about her and that as of now my blood clot is of much more concern than anything having to do with the baby. I've never been so HAPPY to hear something's wrong with me- hah! We still feel comfortable and in great hands with the team of doctors working with me on my blood clot.

We also met with two of my OBGYNs and feel good about the C-Section Monday. I also found out I may have to stay an extra day (in addition to the four days after the c-section) just because of the blood clot. (So we may be here through next weekend). We'll see though. It's all about getting my meds all set up for the next few months. Twice daily shots in the stomach to look forward to- eek!

Today "the moms" or I should say "the grandmas" arrived (my mom and Jacob's mom) and we had a fun girly day in the hospital! I even got a pedicure complete with a footbath and all from Kathleen! We may have even had my nurse peek in a few times when we were laughing so loud. We also found out last night that dogs are allowed on the high risk maternity floor for visits with mom. So after getting Athena's shot record from our vet, Athena was able to come visit this evening. Definitely the icing on the cake!

We're looking forward to more family arriving this weekend and the birth of our baby Monday! This week has been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and we're so lucky that so many people have been thinking about and praying for us. We know we are incredibly lucky!!!

Many thanks, Cori & Jacob

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